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Golden Nuggets: Post-Game Reaction from St. Mary’s

Good news regarding Women’s Gymnastics and Men’s Soccer on this slow news week.

NCAA Basketball: St. Mary’s at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


Cal Head Coach Wyking Jones

On game overall:

"We lost to a very good basketball team tonight in Saint Mary's. First of all, we built ourselves a hole from the jump, didn't come out how I expected us to especially against a team like this, and once we build ourselves a hole, it's hard to get us out of it. Every time we started making a run, they'd make a play. They are a very talented basketball team. They play together. They are smart. We couldn't rattle them. We lost to a very good team tonight. I'm very proud of this guy (Hamilton). Very proud of the effort and performance he had tonight, even in a loss, and I'm proud of him even for the things he does off the court. I'm sad about the loss, but I'm happy to see him shine tonight because he's one of the hardest working players I've ever coached, hands down."

On Kingsley Okoroh's minutes:

"Marcus (Lee) had it going tonight, so when he's doing his job, it's hard to feel a need to put anyone else in the game. It's really just that simple. When he goes 10-14 and hits all his free throws, it was hard to feel like we could be in the game or win the game without him in there."

On Saint Mary's defense:

"They clogged the lanes, which made it hard for our guys to have driving lanes. They kept it tight-- we could have benefitted from more drive and kick tonight -- but it's always that if this team digs itself into a hole, everybody tries so hard to make that 10-point play, and there's no such thing as a 10-point play-. We just have to be more disciplined to be okay with chipping away at the lead…We have to be more comfortable with chipping away rather than a home-run play."

California Guard Nick Hamilton

On play tonight and growth from redshirt season:

"I just came in and wanted to see my players and my teammates win games. I had a good game tonight, but I wish I could give all 16 points to other players and see us win. That's always how I've been. I like my teammates' success. Coach put me in tonight and I stepped up. He trusted me, and I answered the call."

On stepping up for Don Coleman:

"I had a couple of easy layups, open shots and that's what coach wanted me to do. I don't go out there to score. I go out there to play my role and I just had a couple great opportunities and capitalized. As for Don, I think he's going to bounce back, and this team is going to be back and better than ever."

On his perfect shot percentage tonight:

"It was a good feeling, but like coach said, we lost, so it's hard to be too happy about that. As a team, we saw that we could fight, and we are going to just have to bounce back-- it's going to be a good learning opportunity for everyone."

California Forward Marcus Lee

On what Saint Mary's does well:

"They don't see fear. They don't back up when we throw a first punch or keep throwing punches. They stay level-headed very well. Even when we were able to push to another level, they were able to get a stop or another bucket and that really hurt us today."

On confidence in shot:

"My confidence came from my teammates and the play of my team. They kept giving it to me, kept telling me to keep going, and that's how this whole week (of practice really was). It was guys like Don Coleman and Darius (McNeill), telling me they were going to keep throwing it to me and we're going to figure it out with you, or that's it. I think the confidence with our team, the confidence they have in me, lifts my confidence and knowing they trust me to do things like that."

On two 20-point games:

"Scoring doesn't matter. Basketball is a scoring competition, but as a team, we didn't get it done today and if I could score 12 and our team win, I'd rather take that."


  • Great news Cal fans! Toni-Ann Williams was granted an extra year of eligibility! The former Olympian was slated to play her final year for Women’s Gymnastics in 2018 but will be able to play in 2019 after her 2017 season came to an early end because of a torn achilles.

"I am super excited and grateful to be awarded the opportunity to continue to compete on the collegiate level and represent Cal for another year," Williams said. "There is no other team I would want to share this opportunity with, and I'm really looking forward to competing with my Cal family for two more seasons."

  • The United Soccer Coaches put goalie Drake Callendar and midfielder Jose Carrera-Garcia on the NCAA All-Far West Region team! Shinya Kadono was named on the second team.

As you can see, not much today. I am looking for leads regarding how former Cal Bears are doing. (A google search for Goff and Jaylen Brown news didn’t find anything fruitful) E-mail or tweet me or post in the comments! Thank you.

Go Bears.