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How would you grade the 2018 Cal football recruiting class so far?

Go Bears!

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a look at Cal's recruiting class so far. What's your grade of it? What are our biggest needs for the home stretch?

thedozen: I'll go with A-. Top 40 in the country is strong, and pretty close to the rank for next year's hoops recruits. Let's hope that the next 1-2 years have some positive developments in store. Is it greedy to say that the biggest need is a 5 star recruit?

Rob Hwang: I’ve talked about this so much I can consolidate it into two words. Speed and Linebackers. They don’t necessarily have to be combined but we need speed at WR/DL/LB/RB. Linebackers are it’s own thing because we basically played half the season in a 4 linebacker set with 6 healthy players. We need a legitimate 2-deep.

Kevin Wu: B+. It looks like a relatively strong class, per the usual at Cal in recent years. We need more size and speed at the skill positions -- something that no team can ever have enough of. We've got some playmakers already, but we need more, and bigger ones at that.