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Cal isn’t going to a bowl game. But they’ll get more playoff money!

Any playoff and bowl thoughts?

California v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

As we suspected, the California Golden Bears will be held out of a bowl game. There were enough 6-6 teams out there to fill out all the bowl slots to keep any teams with 5-7 records and high APR for making it.

Your playoff will be Oklahoma and Georgia playing in the Rose Bowl (tradition!), with a national title rematch of Alabama and Clemson in the Sugar Bowl.

The Pac-12 did get two teams into the New Year’s Six Bowls. The effective Rose Bowl will be taking place in Arlington, with USC and Ohio State battling. The second Rose Bowl is in Glendale, with Washington taking on Penn State. Washington’s addition to the New Year’s Six Bowls nets the Pac-12 an additional $4 million, so Cal will get another nice chunk of change to continue alleviating their overwhelming debt.

Any thoughts on the playoff and the Pac-12 bowl games Cal fans?

Alamo: Stanford vs. TCU

Holiday: Washington State vs. Michigan State.

Sun: Arizona State vs. North Carolina State

Vegas: Oregon vs. Boise State

Chicken: Arizona vs. Purdue

Cactus: UCLA vs. Kansas State

Heart of Dallas: Utah vs. West Virginia