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Pac-12 coaching carousel continues to spin.

I would like to get off this ride now thanks.

Christmas Markets Open In Berlin Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Will this coaching carousel ever stop? I think we can all agree this is proably the most exciting college football post season in a long time. Let’s hit the pause button for a second and look at the big picture shall we?

The Rumors:

Beau Baldwin to OSU: At this point, this one seems dead. Beau is out recruiting and OSU AD out interviewing other candidates.

Lance Anderson to OSU: Current Stanford DC is said to be high on the wishlist for OSU.

Jim McIlwain to OSU: This is hot off the press. Former Colorado State and Florida HC is said to be very interested in the OSU job. Now this is very interesting.

Herm Edwards to ASU: The former Cal DB is in serious contention for the job opening in Tempe and has acknowledged that he will be interviewing this weekend.

Kevin Sumlin to ASU: Somehow firing a head coach that went 7-5 to hire a coach that went 7-5, while paying the former 12 million dollars, sounds somewhat unreal.

Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M: Sumlin’s firing has left that open and rumors have been appearing at a rapid rate that Jimbo could swap Tallahassee for College Station. Why bring up an ACC team you ask? Well...

Willie Taggart to FSU: This rumor seems to be gaining steam. Reports state that Oregon just offered Taggart a new deal worth 20 million dollars at the same time looking at other head coach potentials. If that doesnt tell you that they’re worried, I don’t know what will.

Its clear the biggest dominoes to fall will be what happens at FSU. Once that happens it could change the coaching landscape in the Pac-12 North.

What are your thoughts on the coaching rumors? Who do you think will move on? Who do you think will be hired? Is there any other big rumor we missed? Let us know in the comments below!