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Beau Baldwin update: Oregon State still has not hired a coach.

Beau Baldwin is still at Cal

Utah v Oregon State Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Friday night: Beau Baldwin will be the next head coach of the Oregon State Beavers!

Sunday night: Beau Baldwin is still not the next head coach of the Oregon State Beavers.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t going to happen. It might happen today for all we know. But for now, Beau Baldwin is still the offensive coordinator of the California Golden Bears.

The latest updates.

Baldwin was initially reported as taking the job on Friday, but Oregon State was quick to rebuff those reports. However, they appear to be still searching before making a final decision.

Still, a decision appears to be coming sooner rather than later. Oregon State seemed to be ready to hold onto their coaching staff for at least a week or two, but earlier today the Beavers announced they were letting them all go. If Baldwin is the guy, this would only make sense if Oregon State was sure Baldwin would go with him.

If Baldwin gets hired, expect Cal wide receivers coach (and his former Eastern Washington assistant) Nicholas Edwards to potentially go with him. That would leave Cal with two huge vacancies to fill on the offensive staff if Oregon State had made Baldwin the target.

With rumors about Mike Leach and Washington State swirling (and Baldwin’s affinity for the Evergreen State well-noted), Oregon State might be pushed to give Baldwin an even stronger offer, if he is their eventual choice. We will probably know sometime this week if Baldwin will be heading back to the head coaching ranks.

PS: Oregon State offered Jeff Tedford the job. It appears he’s happy at Fresno. Good on you coach.