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Football Film Room: Livecast Replay and Big Game Preview

Passing to Set up the Run? Stanford’s 3rd Down Success vs. UW

Here’s the Livecast Replay, with links to the particular topics that were discussed:

13:38: Discussion Starts: Bryce Love and the Zone Run Game

39:48: Stanford's Counter Run Scheme

48:58: Attacking Stanford's Run D with Power

55:39: Stud NT Harrison Phillips

58:35: Attacking Stanford's Run D with Unbalanced Formations

1:06:13: OSU's Power Play vs. Stanford's Run D

1:12:58: OSU's Zone Running vs. Stanford's Run D

1:17:50: Stanford's Downfield Passing Game

Preview Video: Passing to Set Up the Run? Stanford’s Big Receivers in the short and intermediate passing game.

Stanford’s known as a run-heavy team, but in their recent game against Washington they often had to rely on their passing game to convert on third down. In this video, we see how Stanford used J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (6’3” 207 lbs.) and Trent Irwin (6’2” 205 lbs.) as big, physical intermediate targets on third down, and how the success of these receivers opened things up for some long third down runs by Bryce Love.

This will be a key matchup to keep on eye on Saturday. Will Cal’s DB’s be able to limit these intermediate throws to Stanford’s physical WR’s, or will the Cardinal nickle and dime us to death with a classic ball-control West Coast Offense?