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Cal stopped in its tracks by Washington in 38-7 defeat: Instareaction and report card

About as expected.

NCAA Football: California at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

As unpleasant as this defeat was, it was about as California Golden Bears fans expected in a trip to play one of the best defenses in college football.

Without their starting running back, tight end, and top two wide receivers, Cal struggled to do anything with the football offensively. Cal had four first downs before the final garbage time drive. Cal averaged 1.8 yards per play and gave up another eight sacks.

This was as feckless an offensive performance as you’ve ever seen from the Bears. -40 rushing yards. The Cal defense prevented a shutout thanks to a fortuitous turnover, but man. This offense is a shell of what it was coming into the season.

The toughest part of our schedule comes to an end next week. Let’s reset from there, shall we?

This is your instant analysis postgame thread. Discuss the game, if you really want to.