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Golden Nuggets: Preparing for Senior Day

The always awesome Women’s Basketball website ThisIsCalBasketball.Com has launched!

NCAA Football: California at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Football Videos

Justin Wilcox

Wilcox discusses what happened to the defense that resulted in giving up so many explosive plays and what is the team doing better to beat Oregon State. He also implies tight end Ray Hudson could be eligible to play next season.

Jordan Veasy

James Looney

The seniors Veasy and Looney talk about what Senior Day means to them and how they plan to beat Oregon State.

Football Articles

  • In Wilner’s latest report card, he grades the Colorado loss and thinks Cal’s bowl chances are bleak, but expects a win over OSU.
  • Nam’s “The Novel” on the Colorado loss is out.

After we beat Ole Miss, the trajectory of the team pointed toward bowl, and flickered that way again after we pulled one out against Washington State. Because of this loss – never even as close as it appeared, really -- we may not actually end up achieving one, and at least for me, that doesn’t change the bigger picture, although I understand that everyone else may feel very differently. Losing the practices hurts the most, really, but it does little to shake my confidence in the larger sense.

I will say this, though – if we’re going to win any one of the last three games and not make a bowl, or find ourselves waiting on a 5-7 bid at best, let’s hope it comes against one of the rivals. A road win against a conference rival and a win against an in-state school are probably the last two things we’d reasonably like to get done in 2017, when postseason play has always been icing on a cake that’s already been baked.

You can only last for so long as a play-hard team in this conference. We’ve shown we can do that.

Women’s Basketball

Happy Valentine’s Day with Costumes!