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Golden Nuggets: Colorado Post-Game Reaction

Matt Anderson is still seeking Cal history.

NCAA Football: California at Colorado
The cool thing about Golden Nuggets being on Sunday is I get to call dibs on photos like this. Sorry, rest of CGB staff.
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Post-Game Videos

Justin Wilcox

Excerpt from Ryan Gorcey’s transcript:

On Giving Up Seven Explosive Plays On Defense

“There are a number of reasons. One was a missed tackle on a run, one was technique defending the pass, another one a guy ran by us. It’s not usually one thing. We gave up seven explosive. The third downs (hurt us). Third and really long in the red zone, they throw a touchdown on a four man rush coverage (formation). Then we got them backed up on third down again, deep post over the corner. It’s not just the secondary, it’s everybody involved.”

On Offensive Performance Today

“We have to look at the video, but it’s hard to find a lot of positives right now, unfortunately. It shows you we have a ways to go, and it’s going to take everybody being a part of the solution, starting with me and our coaches, are we giving everybody the best opportunity? Then we have to go out and execute, go play. There are times you have to win a one-on-one, blocking, running, throwing, catching, defending, open field tackling, we have to do that. There was not nearly enough of that today, and we’ll go through the tape and find out why and look for solutions.”

Ross Bowers

Bowers talks about his interception, why the team hasn’t shown up well on the road, and how he expects the team to recover against OSU.

Addison Ooms

Ooms talks about the struggles of the offensive line and why they were able to improve in the second half.

Raymond Davison III and Jordan Kunaszyk

The two talk about what the defense needs to do to improve and why explosive plays were a problem. They also talk about the “24 hour rule” (also mentioned in above videos, basically getting over the loss quickly) and how they need to bounce back against a “good” (their words) OSU team.

James Looney

Looney says the reason why the team has given up explosive plays was simply “we haven’t been doing our jobs.” Near the end he answers what he says as a senior leader to the team after losses like this... hardly anything.

Post-Game Articles

So I assume you all know what happened, I don’t have to post recaps... we’ll have plenty here on CGB.

Pre-Game Articles

  • Matt Anderson needed 8 points to tie the all-time Cal record. He only had 4. Perhaps he will break the record at home against Oregon State?
  • Matt Anderson and Doug Brien (who has the current Cal record) did a video feature together.

Allensworth found himself in a battle for playing time. The challenge had been presented to him that he needed to prove himself all over again. When the season started, Allensworth found himself in an unfamiliar setting, spending more time on the sidelines than on the field.

"As one of the older guys, I felt like it was very important for me to show the new coaches what I could do," he said. "I knew by Week 2 in the fall how things were going. I talked to my family about it and just kept working to overcome."

Allensworth didn't get sour about the reduced minutes. Instead, he took advantage of every opportunity he had to keep fighting and improving.

"That's a testament to his character, his upbringing," said defensive backs coach Gerald Alexander. "Being humble with the situation. Of course he was disappointed, and I get that, I would be disappointed if he wasn't disappointed. But he just keep working [sic] and started to earn those opportunities and his role got bigger.

Go Beers. Hope Cal Volleyball and Women’s Soccer can pull upsets today, but I won’t get to watch them...