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The Wrap: Expect the unexpected. Cal loses to Colorado. 28-44.

Well. That went well.

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t quite pinpoint what this emotion is. Am I upset? Not really. Upset is the Washington game. Am I disappointed? Not really. Disappointed is the USC game. Am I optimistic? Not really. Optimistic is the Ole Miss and UNC game. So what is it? The best description of my current state is catharsis. I am now fully at ease with what happens. The season has now played out, more or less, how we expected. Expectations were heightened after an undefeated start and a winnable game against USC. After consecutive losses, a surprise upset, and an OT loss we’ve come full circle. Let’s take a look into what happened.

1st Quarter: Wasn’t this supposed to be low-scoring?

With both offense struggling it was widely assumed the game would be a low scoring. The first two posessions? Punt by Colorado. Punt by Cal. Both posessions hovered at about a minute. Alright then, everything going as expected. So were expecting punts until a explosive play? And then it happened. 22 yard TD pass from Montez to Ross. Cal would then answer on a 15 yard TD pass from VIC WHARTON to Kanawai Noa. TRICKERY. Beau Baldwin calling trick plays to get the first touchdown in back to back weekends. I mean we arent getting treats so might as well use the tricks. Am I right? nudge nudge wink wink What looked like the start of something good for the bears, turned into the only highlight for the bears. The Bears struggled to make any long multi-play drive together; all the while, Colorado decided to awaken and start firing explosive plays in the air and on the ground. Montez ended the 1st with a 7 yard touchdown run.

2nd Quarter: Abort. Abort. Abort.

Alright new quarter new start. 11:53 left in the second. 65 yard TD pass from Montez to Fields. Score? 21-7. Cal ball. Punt. Colorado ball. FG good. 24-7. Ross bowers then answered with a 27 dart to Kanawai Noa for his second TD of the day. 24-14. Signs of life. Colorado then gets teh kickoff and skips its way down into Cal territory for a 39 yard FG to end the half. 27-14. Abort. This is not the game we expected and not the team we expected. Looking to initiate ghost protocol. Turn the key together in 3 for a full reset. 3. 2. 1. Andy. Andy...?

3rd Quarter: Scoreless. Hopeless. Stalemate.

Halftime adjustments. Cal gets the ball back. Its not going our way but we can rally back and take back the lead in a 13 point game. LET’S DO THIS.






5 Combined possession third quarter. That’s that. Need more be said.

4th Quarter: Maybe in the afterlife.

Colorado had the ball to start the 4th, and after taking another minute and 45 seconds off the clock, the Buffs scored again on a 23 yard pass from Montez to MacIntyre. 34-14. Alright. Still enough time. Lets get it Bears. Cal marches down the field and scores on a 14 yard tunnel screen to Vic Wharton. 34-21. Still can do it. Colorado recieves and kicks a 37 yard FG thats good. 37-21. 5:22 left. Ok. We need miracle football now. Cal gets the ball and marches down the field. Cal in the redzone. Bowers throws a fade to the endzone!!!! Picked off in the endzone and returned for a TD...44-21. I would have to say that is the ball game there. Was it a bad pass from Bowers or was it a wrong route by Hawkins? We just won’t know until the post game conference. Cal gets the ball back and marches down the field for a 8 yard passing TD by Bowers to Veasy. The final drive was arguably Ross’ best drive and collection of throws on the night. We showed life but it was too late. Cal L. 44-28.

Too many questions from this afternoon. Too little answers. We were prepped for a multiple choice, Colorado threw an essay at us, I mean, it is midterm season. The Bears have alot to fix and get right with only 3 games left in the season and hopefully this Senior Night Oregon State game coupled with the ensuing bye week will help give the Bears some much needed confidence heading into the big game.