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Cal vs. Arizona video highlights: Statue-of-liberty, QB keepers, fullback catches

What an effort.

NCAA Football: Arizona at California Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the video highlights for the California Golden Bears against the Arizona Wildcats.

Cal started off by getting the Statue of Liberty touchdown to Patrick Laird. That play might have come in handy later, but who knows if we even get that far?

Malik McMorris got the call to get the first touchdown of the second half. The Piesman Trophy campaign continues!

Ross Bowers kept the ball to get a rushing touchdown of his own, completely fooling the Arizona defense.

Patrick Laird carried the Cal offense for much of the game, tying the game up in the fourth quarter on a great run.

Vic Enwere dragged a ton of Arizona Wildcats into the end zone in double overtime to get the Bears one last chance to win.

Here are some of the highlights from the sideline. What a spectacular game, and once again it’s freaking Arizona who beats us in agonizing fashion.