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Cal fans, your feelings on the Arizona Wildcats?

What are your thoughts and feelings on the Arizona Wildcats?

California v Arizona

Avinash: U OF A. U OF A. U OF A.

Arizona is starting to look like a good team. I have solid respect for the talent they put together, and I like that they try something different that mucks things up against all of their opponents. Also, Wilcox teams struggle against shred and spread, and Khalil Tate looks like he's going to be a tough matchup.

But if they start chanting that damned slogan over and over during this game I will not be pleased. Thankfully, no one at that school cares that much about football, so hopefully attendance will be minimal. (Yet.)

boomtho: This is suddenly a very interesting game, after looking like more of a dud at the beginning of the season. I can't say I've paid a lot of attention to the Wildcats thus far, but holy hell Khalil Tate's stats - they more than jump off the page, they jump off and smack you in the face. The AZ programs have both had an odd trajectory under Rich Rod and Graham, respectively, so it's hard to have a great pulse on either of them. But it's obvious that Tate's playmaking and running ability will be a new threat for this Cal defense (although we saw a little with Surratt).

Joseph: The 2014 Hail Mary win in Tucson has soured my feelings for Arizona football in recent years. I mean, I was never too fond with the Wildcats to begin with simply because of their basketball antics, but that game really pushed me toward the negative. Not Stanfurd band negative, but definitely not a friendly sibling rivalry. Overall, lukewarm.

Rob Hwang: GTFO.

thedozen: As much as I despise losing to LSJU, Arizona is my most hated basketball team in the conference. Even when Cal hoops is going strong, the Bears usually have trouble with the Wildcats even at Haas. Football is sort of another ballgame, though. Wildcat alum and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer Nick Folk has had a fine career in the NFL as a kicker. And of course there's Rob Gronkowski. Arizona just put up 47 points against UCLA and Cal only allowed 3 to the Cougars, so something has to give on Saturday.