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CGB Livecast Breakdown Tonight (8-9pm): Cal-WSU (and maybe some Arizona)

Update: If you missed the livecast (boo you!), then you can still watch the footage by clicking this link!

Original: Hey all,

The first ever CGB Livecast Breakdown will happen tonight from 8-9 pm PDT. In it, I’ll be taking your questions and looking at some of the biggest and most interesting plays from Cal’s upset over #8 WSU. Who knows, we might even look at some ‘Zona tape. The link will appear in this post at about 7:50 pm.

Just as a reminder: You’ll need a Youtube channel to participate in the chatroom (you can watch the stream without having a channel, however). If you have a gmail account it’s really easy to get a channel. You don’t have to post a video or anything, just log into your gmail account and go to youtube, and it’s pretty simple from there.

I hope to see you all soon,