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2017 Cal vs. WSU Report Card


NCAA Football: Washington State at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Berkelium97: For most of the past decade we have been the unfortunate recipients of beatdowns of the magnitude witnessed on Friday evening. It was immensely satisfying to be on the other end of these, for once. And the way it steadily built up into a crescendo made it even more satisfying. Up 10-0 after one quarter and expecting the Wazzu to remind us why the Cougs had earned a top-ten ranking. Thinking “it’s looking increasingly possible, but I’m still not sure” at halftime. Slowly realizing that we may yet win this with a 17-point lead after 3 quarters. And then Ross Bowers flipped into the endzone in one of the most jaw-dropping moments of Cal football I have ever seen. I hope that several years down the line we can point back to this game as the moment we knew the Justin Wilcox era would be a special one for Cal football. This was one of the most unexpected and satisfying wins in the last decade, and the report cards clearly show it. This is the 8th season we’ve been running these report cards and we have never seen anything like this batch. Let’s have a look.

Average Standard Deviation
Pass Offense 80.6% 14.8
Rush Offense 79.4% 16.5
Pass Defense 96.4% 6.2
Rush Defense 89.8% 13.2
Special Teams 84.7% 14.4
Coaching 97.3% 6.1
Overall 95.1% 6.6
Win Probability vs. Arizona 77.3% (+11.1) 16.5

After several weeks of struggle and disappointment, the passing game and running game bounced back in dramatic fashion against one of the Pac-12’s stingiest defenses. As well as the offense played, the defense was the star on Friday night. Luke Falk brought over 100 career touchdowns, nearly 13,000 career passing yards, and a ridiculous number of Pac-12 records with him to Memorial Stadium on Friday. He was shut down in an utterly brilliant performance from the Cal defense. The pass defense’s 96.4% is the highest grade we have ever seen in these report cards, breaking the pass offense’s record of 93.4% from Jared Goff’s 5 TD, 500+ yard performance against Wazzu in 2014. Again, we’ve been doing this for 8 seasons now and it may be another 8 years before we ever see another score that high. Or HOW ABOUT EIGHT SECONDS LOOK AT THAT COACHING SCORE NINETY SEVEN PERCENT A NEW NEW RECORD I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.



In another first, we have a 22-way tie for our most optimistic report cards.

Name Grade
1. Berkelium97 7.00 (100.0%)
1.! 7.00 (100.0%)
1. coolingfan 7.00 (100.0%)
1. David Shaw is an ass-clown 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Defense is a thing? 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Go Bears!!! 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Goldenbears02 7.00 (100.0%)
1. heyalumnigo 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Jacobs. 7.00 (100.0%)
1. JahvidStillTheBest 7.00 (100.0%)
1. justbear 7.00 (100.0%)
1. LMSK 7.00 (100.0%)
1. m4ld 7.00 (100.0%)
1. minesweeper 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Nick T 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Oski Disciple 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Rocksanddirt 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Uthaithani 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Wildfire Lawyer 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Yosemite Golden Bear 7.00 (100.0%)

While we normally ask that participants keep their grades for each category between 0 and 1, I was quite amused at the number of people who put 2 in the defensive categories. Obviously, I changed those back to 1s, but in our hearts the defense certainly earned a 200%.

Next we have our lowest scores of the week and—surprise, surprise—these are the highest scores we have ever seen among our most pessimistic report cards.


Name Grade
1. John Tuggle 5.20 (74.3%)
1. nickster 5.20 (74.3%)
3. 2004-present 5.25 (75.0%)
4. Willis Chong 5.26 (75.1%)
5. LeonPowe 5.39 (77.0%)

Any of these would have been the second-highest score last week.

Finally we have those report cards that are closest to the community average.

The Voice of Reason

Name Deviation
1. Stanford .0310
2. texashaterforlife .0359
3. mistergarth .0384
4. Bowlesman .0416
5. WilcoxEraHasArrived .0482

These are all some pretty good scores, and notably lower than most of the deviations we’ve seen this season. Normally, I’d mention that this week’s deviations are suppressed by a very narrow range of scores for each grading category (which makes it inherently harder to deviate from the mean), but I don’t want to dampen the mood during this celebratory time.

Unless we beat the Lobsterbacks 105-0 this season, I think it’s going to be a while before we see numbers like these on a report card again. This was a remarkable weekend for Cal football.

GoldenBearsBandwagon: What. A. Game. I kept waiting for the game to turn around, for the potent WSU offense to overpower Cal’s injury-ravaged defense. For the dangerous WSU defense to wear down a Cal offense with a first-year QB and without its most dangerous weapon.

But it didn’t happen. I didn’t wake up and find out it was all a dream. I can say now, with certainty, that we have now front-flipped into the Justin Wilcox era, and what a glorious feeling that is.

Gameday Experience

Rocksanddirt: watched on the computer. didn't get up from chair from whole game.

Oaklandishbear: I had to give up my tickets because I was stuck in Indiana for a work trip. That meant staying up until 2 am to watch the game, but boy was it worth it! I'm sick to my stomach that I had to miss the best game in at least a decade, but GO BEARS!

Bowlesman: Drunk last weekend,

Got drunk tonight,

I hallucinated that Cal blew out Wassou,

That's just silly, right?

*Dreading waking up and reading the real score tomorrow morningz.

Wait, I am watching Mike Leach drinking "water" and grousing about the game. You mean?

It's a miracle!

Praise Saint Darnold!

See, you all, it works!

Calpaladin: Due to the air quality issues and suffering from asthma thanks to the fires in Orange County, I cancelled my plans to fly up Thursday night. I am crying right now, having missed out on an amazing game which would have made up for traveling to Seattle last week to witness a brutal beatdown. At least my couch is comfortable.

Bean: Air better than expected. Fans who showed were enthusiastic and supportive and astounded. Defense got the fans cheering early.

Wildfire Lawyer: Just awesome. Almost did not fly up because initial flight cancelled. But had to come up for work. So glad I did.

Uthaithani: The players and coaches get A's all around. The Administration - F-MINUS and my total lack of respect. For a school that claims to be compassionate and "bleeding-heart," this administration was downright cruel to student-athletes by making them practice and play in these unhealthy conditions. It's so sad that one of the greatest upsets in Cal history was played in a smoke-filled stadium that was mostly empty. That's the administration's karma and they have a long way to go to earn back any respect fro me.


Ososdeoro: Colleague in sales from out of town wanted to go see a Cal game, so we went! Said colleague also snagged an extremely convenient afternoon sales call at LBL, so got away from office at noon. Got out of meeting at 6:00. Amazingly, found a street parking spot on LaLoma between Ridge and LeRoy. Cheese/wine/free run of stadium. Delightful game. Made it back to Burlingame in about 35 minutes.

Dias: Wish I could have been in Berkeley. Many silent screams at 1am last night.

Lasvegasbear: A small crowd that made itself look huge.

California Love: Friday night never an easy game to get to, but those of us who showed up were well rewarded for our enthusiasm.

Pass Offense

Yogi Bear: Pass protection was much better tonight. The moving pocket was a great innovation and Bowers got sharper with his passing as the game wore on. Still some bad balls, but tremendous improvement over the past three weeks.

Luxster: A few bad passes, a few dropped balls from being perfect. But Bowers threw some beautiful passes tonight to offset the bad ones. Great job. Great seeing Noa back on the field.

Coolingfan: I think the staff made adjustments to get Bowers out of the pocket quickly and we all saw that one of Bowers' strength is to make passes while running.

Sacman701: Bowers blew hot and cold, as did the receivers. But we moved the ball well at times and importantly avoided too many negative plays: no picks, just 2 sacks.

BearOnAMesa: Let's admit it, it could have been a lot better. Bowers has enough potential that I'm willing to wait and see how he develops, but he still has a long way to go. The coaching adapted to the game and found a way to function.

BearMD: I give this slightly above average. Bowers was still hesitant at times, but I will give the line credit for giving him a better protection this week than the last 3 weeks. That he didn't throw an interception for the last 2+ games is pretty good...but he's also thrown only 1 TD, so it's not as impressive as it seems.

McOski: Bowers was solid and Noa's presence made a difference; the passing game in whole was very strong--good play calling and good execution. Love that TE's are becoming a factor.

ABVidale: Still too many drops.

Goldenone: Clutch when it needed to be

Yosemite Golden Bear: O-line was better, granted WSU's front not as good as UW's. I didn't bash Ross last week, so I won't go over the top on him this week, but dang, when things are going well, these guys look great. Having Noa back was huuuuuge as was having a serviceable Veasy. Amazing how many comments flipped 180 on Bowers from last week.

Uthaithani: Rolling Bowers out to the opposite side of Alex Grinch's line shift was really crafty coaching. He seems to do better on the run, so hopefully this is a new trend. And Bowers flip into the end zone - I'll never forget that! (Yes, technically that was "running game," but he checked off his pass to run, so I'm putting it here.)

LeonPowe: It was bad, until it turned good. They started moving Bowers around the pocket and man, it helped so much. Also the wide outs catching balls in the second half also help!

CamHand: Solid but unspectacular. Without the huge number of turnovers this would not have been enough. As it was... not giving the ball back was exactly what the team needed.

Big Daddy: Overall, looked pretty good. Bowers had some very nice throws and showed better decision making than he's demonstrated the past few weeks. One throw sticks out in my mind, where he threw it just over the outstretched arms of the LB, dropping the ball in to Kanawai Noa just in front of the safety. On the flip side, Noa also had a terrible drop, wide open on a flag at the WSU 10 yard line, when Bowers put it in his bread basket. We're lucky that didn't come back to bite us.

CoBears: Not perfect, as we have too many drops of good passes and not enough separation consistently, but still pretty sharp overall.

Run Offense

M4ld: IT'S BACK!

Defense is a thing? : Bulldozers!

TheresSomethingAboutWillcox: The Bowers Flip TD! The second half running was awesome...

Mistergarth: Enwere. That is all.

Hardtobecalfan: happy to see enwere get 100+ yards

NinjaNed: That bowers run somersault TD was probably the craziest play i've ever seen. And it shows how much he's willing to put himself on the line to win the game. That's definitely gonna be engrained in Cal history.

2004-present: Fewer plays blown up in the backfield, started really working once the passing game opened it up.

Dbromon: Not sure what happened but we really turned it around and got going in the second half.

BearMD: I would have given them a 1 were it not for the fact that the first half typified what I have come to see over the last 2 weeks, a negative rushing total! But Enwere totally made up for that by rushing for a buck and change, with a not too bad 4.66 yds/rush. And more importantly, I saw him begin to show more of the beast mode that I was hoping to see. Still see him trying to boy, you've got the body to lay down some hurt! Mow down the defense and take them with you to the end! And what about Bowers and his acrobatic TD? Look, this is not the first time he's done this! Just look up "Ross Bowers flip" in YouTube and you'll see the same acrobatic act his high school senior year. That's the ticket, Bowers!

!!!!!!!!: !!!!!!!!

80Bear: Competent. Vic ran hard and got yards when we needed them.

I married a Longhorn: We weren't doing anything on the ground until late in the game. 3.3 ypc isn't much to talk about, but we were able to grind time off the clock in the 4th quarter.

Go Bears!!!: Roll on you bears!

Oski Disciple: Big Vic is back, baby. He was running over and carrying people. Plus the O Line give him some holes.

Texashaterforlife: improved as the game went on; much better in the 2nd half. Showed effort, consistency, and coaching.

Randythebear: Tough to get yards in first half. Strong finish. Loved Vic's power run for TD, blocking by McMorris and Ross' touchdown flip.

Nor-Cal Scott: A healthy Enwere is unstoppable. Good run-pass balance by Baldwin.

Mitchgobears: Not flashy, but effective.

Old Blue: Competent, but inconsistent. Like the pass offense, we got the yards on the ground when we really needed them.

I Noa Thing or two: still can;t run the ball...shocker

Pass Defense

M4ld: NICE!

Highly improbable: That was the best defensive performance I can remember in 24 years of being a Cal fan. F----ing awesome.

Defense is a thing? : Won the game on it's own.

Yogi Bear: Incredible. Pass rush came from everywhere and Falk started to lose confidence as a result. And several times when the rush couldn't get there at first, coverage was good enough to give them more time to bring him down. Interceptions - awesome. Bynum was terrific. Few penalties. Nothing to complain about.

Luxster: Possibly the most underrated secondary in the country. If we had a consistent offense in the past few games the country would know how good these guys are. And, they're young!

Oaklandishbear: 9 sacks and 5 interceptions. I don't care about the yards that Falk did accumulate. Tonight, a perfect score! Amazing how Cal got pressure virtually every play, sometimes with 3, often blitzing from all areas of the field. Falk had no idea what was coming and never had a clean pocket. Mad props to the backfield for the coverage and great hands across the board for the picks.

Sacman701: A few bad moments, but basically that was a complete de-pantsing of a good passing attack. Wazzu looked completely befuddled by our pressure packages, and the coverage was usually there to give Falk little to work with. A lot of their completions were nothingburger plays well short of the yards they needed.


NinjaNed: Corner #24 Bynum has incredible instincts and technique. And as a RS-Freshmen that's incredibly promising for the future. Our linebacker blitzes were really effective on Falk who in all of his games will generally sit in the pocket and take the sacks rather than throw the ball away. We got a lot of lucky bounces but that's what you need to do when we're the underdog. And the best part is that we played for the whole game. So proud.

BearOnAMesa: Un-freaking-believable. Out of this world results from a shifty defense that got back to its ball-hawking ways.

Dbromon: the dbs locked them down and the pass rush got there to clean up.

McOski: Was amazing--the energy, activeness, aggressiveness was sky high from the start; i kept expecting it to wane but it never did. In fact they just got better as the game went on. Amazing scheme, incredibly executed. It doesnt hurt that some bounces went our way, but give credit for all the factors that lead to tips, bounces and cat-like snags for interceptions. What a night!

Nickster: excellent

Goody: I actually heard the announcers on ESPN compliment Cal on their defense. In 42 seasons of watching Cal football, I think that's a first!

BTown85: OMG!!!! I wish Arizona's QB didn't know what running was so that he'd have to throw us lots of INTs....... Not every QB is going to make it this easy, but OMG that was a beautiful thing!!!!!!

Sacalum: Holy Moly! Sacks, TFLs, INTs -- with Sonny's recruits no less.

Swamphunter: DeRuyter called a gem of a game. His scheme changes for Wazzu were perfect, and completely shut down the Air Raid.

Mitchgobears: They came to play.

FiatSlug: 5, count'em, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 picks. Two of which happened because the defender didn't give up on the ball. Much better play and awareness.

Harassing Falk and making nine sacks largely negated his 32 for 48 passing.

Old Blue: DeRuyter is winning me over. The secondary are more aggressive and better coached than I have seen in many seasons. Bynum was just nails. And, the DL was able to put heat on Falk forcing some bad throws. But still, there were too many missed assignments and passes that went for some big yardage because the defense is also inconsistent.

1988goldenbear: Falk's head was on a swivel. Great scheme and execution to apply pressure, even when we rushed only 3 or 4. Wazzu had some bad luck on a couple of those tipped picks, but it sure feels good for Cal to get those bounces. Really strong tackling as well, especially in the second half.

CoBears: Wow. Just wow. This is the same Falk who ripped our secondary apart last year. I'm so unbelievably impressed with the turnaround.

Run Defense

M4ld: NICER!

Defense is a thing? : Also won the game.

TheresSomethingAboutWillcox: We were so pushed around by UW that this performance was shocking

Mistergarth: Not too shabby.

Hardtobecalfan: our tackling is much improved over last year.

Calpaladin: We held WSU to 23 yards rushing, thanks to I think 8 sacks. I think Leach screwed up by not running with Morrow more often.

2004-present: Sacks made the numbers look better than they should be. Not terrible by any stretch, but there was space for Wazzu's backs when they ran.

McOski: The sample size was tiny, but it was not great when we saw it. Since they only had 50+ yards over the entire game, + to the D. Had they committed to the run, i fear they would have had much better offensive success. Im still worried about the run D, especially with the Wildcats coming to town.

Bean: Some big gains against our nickel D, but held pretty well against WSU's top speedy RB.

MV Bear: A few long runs. Cal getting a big lead was huge, so WSU had to pass. The Cougs were Falked.

80Bear: They should have run more. Moore was on fire.

Uthaithani: Given that WSU doesn't run much and the Bears were focusing on the pass, I don't have much to say. The Bears looked better and better on D in all aspects as the game wore on, I think WSU's offense wore itself out with too much TOP.

Oski Disciple: Stellar. We stuffed them. I love how we swarm the ball and how we wrap people up and make open field tackles. We good.

LeonPowe: With a 2-4-5 if was tough going at first, and we still couldn't stop them much between the tackles, but anything they tried to run outside we were very good at holding the edge and stretching out that run East-West.

Texashaterforlife: One of the ESPN people mentioned the defense as reminding him of the bear mauling Leo DiCaprio in the movie The Remnant. I never saw the movie, but it is a little inaccurate only cuz I heard DiCaprio's character survives the attack.

Goldenlikethebears: 2 forced fumbles. 1 Returned for a touchdown. How many tackles for a loss?

Big Daddy: There were times it felt like the old Bears run defense, giving up 6-8 yards every 1st down. Other times, we managed to stuff them in critical situations. It may have been a very different game if we hadn't gotten up early and WSU had chosen to stick with the run.

FiatSlug: Apparently the run defense was good enough to get the Cougs to largely give up on the run in the 2nd half. Well done.

Lasvegasbear: The rugby training was brilliant. Better tackling and swarming to the ball

Special Teams

Yogi Bear: Still gonna mark the coverage team down for that opening kick return even though it didn't count. There was a kick return that should have been a kneeldown. Klumph had some issues pinning them inside the 20, but then pinned them with a beauty. But field goals and kickoffs were all good. And we got to kick off a LOT.

Oaklandishbear: Anderson was what we have been expecting and waiting for all year long. Thanks! Got lucky on the opening kickoff getting called back, and the shanked punt, but overall pretty good.

Coolingfan: Other than that early TD that was erased and targeting, they were solid, with Matt Anderson coming back big time and nailing those kicks.

Sacman701: Mixed. The fumbled punt could have been costly, and there was a bad (and late) decision to run out a kickoff from the middle of the end zone to the 11. On the other hand we had a very nice punt return to set up the score that put us up 10-0, and Anderson kicked like a boss.

Bowlesman: Anderson is redeemed!

2004-present: Got lucky on that kickoff (and the late punt), but WE FINALLY RETURNED A KICK FOR 10+ YARDS!! Matt Anderson didn't screw up either so there's that.

Dbromon: Even the special teams won the day

Bean: Anderson with an impressive long FG, and so many kickoffs for touchbacks. Some not-so-good punt coverage, and too many punts went for touchbacks.

ABVidale: It's not that Cal special teams were great; rather, it was Wazzu's special teams were putrid. From the opening kick off (holding wiping out a touchdown), to the punt game (yikes!), that was a horrendous performance.

Heyalumnigo: Got lucky

LeonPowe: We didn't have a 1 yard punt! One less than great pooch punt into the end zone and one-almost touchdown given up (YAY FOR ASIAN REF) on a kick off return, otherwise pretty flawless

Ososdeoro: They threw a perfect game, just about. One punt found the end zone that shouldn't have? Wazoo's ST were a mess. Nice to see other teams go through that instead of us.

CamHand: Nothing might seem exceptional but everything was solid. All FG's made, including a 48 yarder, 7 punts and none of them went less than 10 yards, no big runs against... It felt like the ST were on the field kind of a lot and there were never any problems. All good, man, all good.

I Noa Thing or two : low grade because we gave up a kick return, yeah it got called back on a hold, but we gave it up nonetheless.


highly improbable: Can we sign DeRuyter to a lifetime contract?Can we sign DeRuyter to a lifetime contract?

Yogi Bear: Brilliant. Got Bowers outside the pocket, great use of McMorris to get the run game going, great rush scheme on defense. Great job of rebuilding the team's confidence after three tough weeks.


Oaklandishbear: A+++ to DeRuyter and Baldwin for having everyone ready to play. The game plan to contain Falk was outstanding, and the offense showed great improvement. Special shoutout to Baldwin for the adjustment to move Bowers out of the pocket...

Mistergarth: Wowzers. Just when you thought the Bear was in hibernation, he comes back ferocious and prepared and motivated.

Hardtobecalfan: loved going for the TD to end the 1st half. all coaching aspects excelled today.

2004-present: Phenomenal job keeping these guys focused in light of a distracting/short week. I also loved the adjusted approach on offense. It seems the coaches understand the OLine is a liability, so they've stopped worrying so much about run/pass balance and stuck with more passing. And when they pass they're doing moving pockets and quick routes to minimize protection time. Overall very solid adjustments to not just the game at hand but the season as a whole.

BearMD: Wilcox pulled a rabbit out of the hat on this one. Totally unexpected...and yet, if anyone was gonna do it, it would have to be Wilcox and his defensive minded coaching. I almost now want to believe that defense wins games!

Bean: Got the team to practice hard and believe. Not easy for a new staff after 3 losses, but the coaches earned their pay for sure tonight.

ABVidale: Cal has looked well coached all year. The talent is lesser than most of the Bears' opponents, but the effort has generally been there. This was about as good as it can be.

MV Bear: Solid, this is how a team continues to improve through the season and over time. That's how you build a successful program.

Goody: Massive turn around by head coach Justin Wilcox. Cal was firing on all cylinders last night

Imadinosaurama: Deeense Bears, defense!

Uthaithani: One of the biggest upsets in Cal history, and easily the most dominant. Given how lost this team was after two bad weeks, and facing another dominant opponent, they could have given up. In past years, Cal teams would pack it in before the opening kickoff. Somehow Wilcox rallied this team and turned around the season with a huge statement. Baldwin's schemes were MUCH better, I think he's grown a little as a coach this year. A+ coaching job against a team that is no slouch in the coaching department. Well done!

BTown85: The TD as 1st half expired was awesome. That was a wonderful call and you could see it on the coaches' faces on the telecast. Nicely freakin' done!!!!!

Texashaterforlife: Out-friggin-standing! This is a game Cal needed to have if nothing else to show the coaches can inspire a fighting spirit after the ass whooping at Washington. It should go down as the prime highlights coaches show to defensive recruits to persuade them to attend Cal. The guts to go for the touchdown, instead of the field goal just before halftime, also requires mentioning. I wonder which of the coaches said a prayer for the Berkeley protester that allowed a couple extra minutes to make the decision and get the right players on the field.

Sacalum: Is it too early to erect a DeRuyter statue in Faculty Glade?

Nick T: Give Wilcox a lifetime extension right now

5/7 Would Recommend : Welp, it looks like we are going to have to pay Wilcox a pile of cash we don't have...

Bearturd: Hats off to the whole coaching staff. Special mention to Coach DeRuyter and the defensive assistant coaches. Most aggressive defense we have seen in Berkeley in over 10 years.

Big Daddy: WSU didn't look prepared for this game. Maybe they thought it would be an easy victory. Maybe the smoke distracted them from the task on hand. Or maybe we had the perfect game plan to dominate them start to finish.

I really like the Justin Wilcox hire and what he and his staff are doing with the program. Very different results in the Oregon & Washington games, but for this one game, it definitely looked like we are headed in the right direction.

And I love the attitude I'm seeing from the team: the Line defending Bowers leading into this game and accepting responsibility for making it tougher on him, Bowers crediting the D with field position in his post game comments yesterday, Bowers going for his TD flip, which was risky, but is also the kind of play that endears a QB to his teammates (and maybe gets a little more out of the people around him). I do think that sense of "team" does start with the coaching staff.

As an aside, I loved the call to go for the TD at the end of the 1st half.

1988goldenbear: They had the kids ready to play, that is for sure. We dominated all phases of the game, which was a big surprise to pretty much everyone outside of the locker room. Great preparation, great game plan, great execution.

CoBears: I love these coaches. The defense has impressed since day 1 this season, and this was a real breakout performance for them. The offense made changes that put Bowers in a better position to succeed, and he did. We are bound to have ups and downs with the new staff in year 1, but boy does this look like the right staff to make Cal a real challenger in the future.

Overall Performance!: This scale only goes up to 1.0? Seems like it ought to go up to at least 37.

Rocksanddirt: just win baby.

Bowlesman: Miracle?

Luck just finally working for us rather than against us?

Hard work paying off?

Mostly the latter, but certainly all three.

What a day!

This makes up for the USuC collapse.

A signature win!

Love you, Cougs!


Go Bears!

NinjaNed: This entire game was surreal. I feel like everybody knew we were gonna lose, and we were just waiting to see when to turn the TV off. We got the first pick, but then we only got 3 pts off of it. We keep getting stopped and getting critical penalties, but Wazzu kept turning the ball over. Then eventually we saw the defense turning it up a notch and Falk just getting sacked again and again, then somehow hope turned into a complete beat down. I'm not really sure how to feel. Cause you know we're not that good, and there's probably some element of Pack12AfterDark + Cougin it magic that made it happen, but I'm happy, and I guess it's kinda cathartic to think about how good our team can be once we get some elite athletes if we can beat top 10 teams with players that everybody had written off. Go Bears.

Canes: This would feel a lot better if we hadn't lost 3 consecutive games

2004-present: Wow. Did not remotely see this coming. Holding the heralded Mike Leach attack to 3 points while harassing Luke Falk from start to finish?! It's one thing to finally have a competent defense, but this is on another level. More importantly though, as long as WSU doesn't implode from here on out, Justin Wilcox will have himself a "big win" 6 games into his tenure. To me that's a very good omen for his tenure: every great coach, even when rebuilding a program from scratch, picks up a "big win" sometime in their first or second year. Tedford stomped Michigan St. Harbaugh upset USC. Chris Petersen shocked Oklahoma. Chip Kelly 42-3'd us. The ones who don't get that win by year 2 (Dykes) almost never reach greatness. Wilcox has now punked #8. It may not amount to anything long-term, but it's a very good sign. Exciting stuff!

McOski: Surely the best all-around game I have seen since back in the glory days of the Tedford era, or maybe the best i have seen since we crushed Clemson in the Citrus Bowl on Jan 1, 1991. Total domination. It was as much fun as i can remember having watching a Cal game. It's a shame there were only about 15,000 people in the stands to witness it. It looked like an A's game crowd.

ABVidale: If I hadn't been watching the game and someone told me the score was 37-3 (without saying who won), I would have said, "Oh, well." Sometimes the score doesn't reflect the game but this one does: Well done, Bears!

Heyalumnigo: Everyone had better give all 1.0s

Yosemite Golden Bear: Was UW that good, WSU that bad, and what about our Bears? These two games couldn't have been more different leaving us to not quite what to know about how the rest of the season will play out. Yet, needing 2 more wins for a bowl game is sweet.

I like this team, a lot, and it is refreshing to know that you are going to get max effort on both sides of the ball.

Stanford<USC<WSU<Cal: GO BEARS

Jacobs.: Watched the game with my wife and our 4 week old son, already dressed in Cal colors. Amazed with the amount of preparation the team showed up with after a short week. Impressed by the crazed energy our defense put on display. Hopefully there will be an opportunity for me to actually use my season tickets again before the season ends. GO BEARS!

Bearturd: Only one note. We know that Ringling Brothers circus has closed down, but did the Pac-12 have to hire their out of work clowns for officials. Might have been the worst officiated game in college football!! They missed pass interference out in the open, they missed clear holding, they missed a horse collar, and the phantom targeting calls. Even Falk's fumble where his knee was clearly down was reviewed and still missed. The disgrace continues as to Pac-12 officiating.

Nor-Cal Scott: Best performance of the year, and not just because WSU had such an off night. Cal looked like a totally different team than against the Ducks & Huskies. Defensive players in the right spot to make plays (5 & 9!), OL looked so much better, and Bowers himself looked like the player we thought he could be. After Friday nights performance I almost am ready to drink the Nam Kool-Aid and say the Bears will not lose again.

Mitchgobears: A COMPLETE DOMINATION OF A TOP TEN TEAM. If they could have played every game like this we would be stellar. We are going in the right direction!

Lasvegasbear: Who, in this country, would not want to be a part of this team?

CoBears: Couldn't be more proud to be a California Golden Bear.