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What are the greatest Cal football single game performances of all time?

Cal vs. good team. When did the Bears bring their best?

NCAA Football: Washington State at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

This was Cal's most complete football game against a GOOD team since....

Avinash: I throw down the Texas A&M 2006 Holiday Bowl as the standard. The Aggies came in talking smack for weeks about how we were going to rough them up like Texas Tech did two years back, and Cal had none of it. It was a beat down, just like tons of 2006 games were that year--Cal laid the smackdown early and went to the showers happy.

I don't think Washington State is a worldbeater, but I'd say they're as good as that Texas A&M team at the very least. For Cal to do what they did after the last three weeks is just outstanding. This is an awesomely resilient team.

boomtho: I started as a freshman at Cal in 2007 - so I'm considering games from that period. The games that stand out off the top of my head include Tennessee (07), Oregon (07), Michigan State (08) and Oregon (08). Of those, I think I have to go with Tennessee (07) - after all the buildup from the previous year and the hype of being a major national game in Week 1, Cal dominated Tennessee from the opening kickoff. Cal never trailed (though the game was tied for much of the first half), but opened a huge lead in the second half before Tennessee clawing some of that back towards the end of the game. That game combined explosive offense, aggressive and playmaking defense, and a little Desean Jackson special teams magic.

Joseph: I judge the success of a given Cal team based on its ability to beat Stanford. Thus, it would have to be the 2009 Big Game. Though it was nowhere the dominance we saw on Friday against Wazzu, beating a #14 Stanford team that had Andrew Luck and Toby Gerhart is a complete game in my book. Plus, LSJU had just beaten Oregon and SC on what they thought was their cake walk to the conference title.

So it made it even more sweet when Shane Vereen (who had recently replaced Jahvid Best after that gasp-inducing injury against Oregon State) stomped all over the Cardinal for nearly 200 yards.

Also, the Cal students rushed the field in Palo Alto and I couldn't have been happier.

Rob Hwang: Can I go way back in time? 2007. Tennessee? It was just so perfect. They got some scores off of some well executed plays but on the night Cal played their best offense and also gave us two highlights we’ll forever watch. The game last Friday gave us a QB highlight some of us will never forget as well. What a night.

thedozen: Thumping Oregon 45-24 in 2006 was pretty impressive, especially during Homecoming in front of a packed Memorial Stadium. The difference is that Cal was then ranked #16 against the #11 Ducks. The game we just watched was a much bigger mismatch on paper.