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Klay Thompson shows up to Cal game late to support Washington State getting blown out

Peak Klay.


Klay Thompson is one of the most hilarious people out there, and he was at full force in Berkeley last night. Thompson showed up late to watch the Cougars play football—and showed up on the sideline with Washington State down by 21 to 24 points.

Klay had a Golden State Warriors preseason game last night, but he definitely hightailed it out of there by halftime to check out the end of Cal vs. Washington State.

Klay showed up around the second half at some point, when Washington State’s chances of winning were rapidly dwindling. It is pretty funny that Thompson just seemed to assume his team would waltz to victory that he could do a preseason game and the second half of a Washington State double-header the same night.

For some reason Klay didn’t choose to come earlier, AND decided to show up when Cal had already taken control of the game. By the time Klay was at the game, Washington State fans had already started streaming out.

I’m half-convinced Klay thought Washington State was winning and got utterly confused when Cal fans started rushing the field afterward, and I will stick with that narrative in my head because it’s hilarious.

Klay appears to be smiling throughout the 4th quarter too. Again, I can only hope he went to bed happy after an inspiring 37-3 win by Washington State.

PS: No Washington State fans, Klay was on the Cal sideline. Although his colors seem to be a bit more Golden Bear than Cougar.