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VIDEO: Berkeley animal rights protestor with stuffed pig briefly stops Cal game

The stuffed pig is out on the field!

Berkeley stuffed pig protestor
Emily van Buskirk

Pac-12 After Dark finally achieved peak Berkeley. We had our first protestor with a message make a stand. This one was for animal rights.

With four seconds left in the first half, a Berkeley protestor invaded the field with a stuffed pig.

As funny as this moment appeared to be, there was a serious issue also in play that could use more national recognition. This individual was apparently an animal rights activist who wanted to call light to the terrible practices of big agriculture, and the federal coverup to sustain barbaric treatment of animals like pigs.

Glenn Greenwald wrote an interesting (and very disturbing article) on this subject.

Football-wise, this activist’s protest allowed Cal extra time to plot out their final play of the half, which led to a touchdown as time expired to put the Bears up 14, and they never looked back.

The protests worked for everyone. A cause was highlighted, Cal scored points. And now I’m compelled to think more about saving pigs.