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Cal fans, what are your feelings on Washington State?

What do you think of Wazzu?

Oregon v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

What are your feelings about the Washington State Cougars?

Avinash: Fine group of people who don't take themselves too seriously. Big fans of Fireball. CougCenter has my favorite collection of writers outside CGB. Very excited to see whether they can make a big bowl game this year. Mike Leach has completed his rebuild and has a monster looming. The Apple Cup will be LIT: Washington is a tad worse than last year, and Washington State has taken another leap.

Piotr T Le: They cool. Fireball, mad pirates, crazy rants, and the classic of having Cal play the Cougars at night. Love it. I still use the 2014 Cal/WSU game where 119 points were scored, Holliday breaks the NCAA passing record, and Cal wins on a missed 19 FG, as the example of what #Pac12AfterDark is.

Berkelium97: The Cougs are my second-favorite team in the conference by a large margin. I could listen to Mike Leach all day, and I miss being able to go to Pac-12 Media Day to ask him questions. The Coug Center folks are great too--there's a very good reason they consistently get some of the highest traffic of SBN sites.

Ruey Yen: I am looking forward to (hopefully) a true #Pac12AfterDark game this Friday night/Saturday morning against Wazzu. I think Mike Leach's success there was a potential window into what the optimal Sonny Dykes experience would have been.

boomtho: I like WSU, both as a football team and an online community. The team is plucky, full of under-recruited guys who play hard and run an explosive offense (#RIPBearRaid). The online community has the awesome College Gameday flag tradition, and the bloggers have a good sense of humor and don't take themselves too seriously.

Plus, they gave us #ChinaKlay! Fine set of people in my book.

thedozen: Because my primary filter is hoops, the Cougars make me think of Craig Ehlo. Ehlo, who played basketball at WSU and for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is probably best known for trying to defend Michael Jordan's series-winning shot in the 1989 NBA Playoffs. Aside from Klay Thompson, the only active NBA player from Washington State I'm aware of is Australian center Aron Baynes, a member of the Celtics.