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What are your biggest question marks about Cal basketball?

What concerns you about the Bears this season?

California v UCLA Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

What are your biggest question marks about California Golden Bears basketball?

Avinash: Who is running Cal's offense? How do we defend anyone with a full-court press with a lack of athleticism on the wings? How do we structure our rotation that we have enough offensive talent on the floor at once? What does our closing unit look like? What exactly is our style this season? So. Many. Questions.

Ruey Yen: There are so many questions about Cal Men's Basketball going into this new season. I am not even sure I can ask any specific question right now, not knowing who will start, what coaching strategy will be employed, etc. I have mentioned this before, but I am going to keep my expectation low...even lower than my low expectation for Cal Football this year.

boomtho: There are a few question marks that immediately jump to mind:

-What kind of system does Wyking want to run (offensively and defensively) - and how far from the optimal skill distribution is this year's roster?

-How will the PG minutes distribution play out, and what kind of skills do Juwahn Harris-Dyson and Deschon Winston each bring to the table?

-What can Marcus Lee do offensively, besides finish lobs/putbacks, and how will Wyking manage minutes between him and Kingsley?

thedozen: Freshman guard Darius McNeill should be a major contributor, quite possibly a starter, right away for Wyking Jones. Initial reports from practice are quite positive, but can he take advantage of his immediate opportunities especially during the grind of conference play? Also, is it too early to get excited about 2018-19 commits Matt Bradley and Jacobi Gordon?