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Cal Football Press Conference: Athletic Director Mike Williams discusses Dykes firing

The Cal AD talks about the surprising news of the weekend.

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Mike Williams, Athletic Director

Opening Statement

  • “Combination of reasons that led us to this decision”
  • “Want a head coach in place that is fully committed to our program and university”
  • “Our objective is long term financial stability. The football investment is critical”
  • “We want to win championships”


Why did it take five weeks to make this decision?

  • “Took a thorough approach and this wasn’t a result of what happened on the football field but as we evaluated the program overall”

What are the qualities you look for in your next coach?

  • “We want someone who is committed to winning on the field and to help our students accomplish academic achievement...We want someone who is dedicated to the university long term”

Regarding other head coaching candidates?

  • “Important that an AD has a short list of candidates at all times, we do have a short list”

What is your timeline?

  • “Want to have a head coach as soon as possible”

Will Jake Spavital be a candidate?

  • “Not going to talk about any other candidates until we have completed our process”

Can we get specifics into Sonny’s buyout?

  • “Can’t give specifics right now but will be able to give that to you through the process”

What were the players and coaches reaction?

  • “Contacted everyone within ten minutes of our conversation with Sonny Dykes this morning”

Was Sonny fired without cause?

  • “Yes”

With one month left in the recruiting cycle, is there a plan in place to hold those players currently committed?

  • “Our coaches have been in touch with the community of recruits”

What is holding Cal back from competing for a championship?

  • “We need to commit to championship football. We have the right resources, athletes, and we produce champions in every other sport. If we can commit in football we can have champions there too”