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Najee Harris still undecided? Mom wore Cal gear at the Army All-American game

I don’t know what this means. You don’t know what this means.

Najee Harris

So here’s what we know about the number one recruit in the nation: He could still go anywhere!

Najee Harris has two schools he is likely to commit to, and local program Cal hoping for a late surprise. Harris is an early enrollee to whatever school he ends up picking, and has already stated he will probably just show up on campus and begin classes without any formal announcement.

  • In one corner are the Alabama Crimson Tide. Harris has been committed to Alabama for a long time and you’d have to figure he’d end up in Tuscaloosa when all is said and done. But Harris has left the door open for others.
  • The another corner are the Michigan Wolverines. The late buzz had Harris warming up to Ann Arbor and the prospect of being the number one option in one of the most popular programs in college football.

But at the moment, Harris hasn’t yet made his final decision.

There was speculation that Harris would fly directly to his new program, but it seems like he’s headed back home. Is this where the Bears shock the world?

Read the tea leaves people.

Home = Antioch.

Antioch is in the Bay Area.

Cal is in the Bay Area.

Seems simple to me. Glad we figured that out!

It doesn’t hurt that Najee’s mom seems to have a specific favorite of her own. We all know from experience how important moms are in the recruiting process.

Finally there’s this.

"[Harris] doesn't feel like he's the guy, but everybody wants to be around him," Lucido said. "He's all about business. He's really a humble kid. He's kind of like Marshawn [Lynch] in that he was all about his action."

Wonder where this Marshawn kid went to school.