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Najee Harris won’t make announcement, will just show up at Alabama, Michigan, or Cal


The Calgary Zoo hosted it's annual Christmas light display,... Photo by Anna Ferensowicz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Five star running back Najee Harris is considered the top prospect in this class, and Cal has been mentioned casually since the beginning. Harris played his high school football at Antioch in the East Bay, and has made multiple trips and references to the Golden Bears.

Harris has now said that he will not make a decision publicly or any official declaration of which school he will attend. He will show up on campus and that will be that.

When asked if he'd just duck interviews after the game and head to the airport and to his school of choice, he said that's what he plans on doing. So, there will be no announcement. Harris is an early high school graduate and will enroll in college next week.

Let’s come clean with the bad news. Is Harris really in the mix to be a late Cal surprise a la Demetris Robertson? At the moment, the odds are not in our favor.

For one, Harris has been committed to Alabama for a long, long time. Tosh Lupoi has been Harris’s primary recruiter since the beginning, and unless Cal is able and willing to make Lupoi the next defensive coordinator, it’s hard to see Cal immediately becoming the favorite.

If Harris were to flip, Cal isn’t the favorite. Michigan is. The Wolverines have made Harris priority number one and recruiting experts have proclaimed Michigan the most likely flip candidate. A lot of signals seem to indicate that the Wolverines are climbing in the pecking order.

That being said, Cal keeps on getting mentioned.

So right now, Cal stays alive for Najee. But those hopes are not strong.