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ASU Considering Hiring Sonny Dykes as OC

ASU is considering bailing out Cal from its buy-out of ex-HC Dykes by hiring him as OC

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NCAA Football: Arizona State at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After the firing of Coach Dykes there was a report where he was linked to a job at TCU. As it was reported by SunDevilSource, Sonny Dykes is now linked with the OC opening at ASU.

The main implication for Cal would be financial. Cal’s obligation to Sonny Dykes as per his contract is roughly $5.8 million. Previously, with the TCU job being of an “offensive assistant/consultant” variety the offset would’ve been relatively small. With the ASU OC job looming for Coach Dykes the offset would’ve helped Cal.

The last ASU OC Chip Lindsey, earned $650,000. We could expect Coach Dykes to get roughly the same amount. This would lower Cal’s burden to him to ~$5.1-$5.2 million. Not bad.