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Cal in the NBA: Ryan Anderson shining with Rockets, Jaylen Brown with rookie spark

Go Bears!

Boston Celtics v Houston Rockets Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

Cal currently has three NBA players in the league, with all of them earning regular rotation minutes. Let’s take a quick peak

Ryan Anderson, Houston Rockets: 14 points, 5 rebounds per game, 43% FG-41% 3Pt-89% FT, 14+ PER in 30 minutes a game

After several productive years in New Orleans flourishing as a stretch forward with Anthony Davis, Anderson has found solid footing among a Houston squad flourishing with MVP candidate James Harden and Seven Seconds or Less coach Mike D’Antoni. Anderson has started most of the season as a stretch big, and with everyone focusing attention on Harden, Anderson often gets open on pick and roll plays or mismatches on switches. There will be nights where Ryno will just GO OFF for six to eight triples.

Anderson was instrumental in one of Golden State’s two home losses. He’s been living up to every cent of his four year, $80 million contract.

From SB Nation:

Houston boasts four of the league’s top 10 three-point shooters with Eric Gordon having made a league-leading 130 triples — more than Stephen Curry (126), Kyle Lowry (114), and Klay Thompson (105). James Harden ranks fourth with 110 made threes. Ryan Anderson (98) ranks seventh and Trevor Ariza (95) places ninth. The Rockets also have Patrick Beverley shooting 40 percent from downtown.

Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics: 5 points, 2 rebounds per game, 46% FG-32% 3Pt-64% FT, 10 to 11 PER in 13 to 14 minutes a game

Brown has done solid yeoman work as a rookie in Boston as a bench wing. Although he’s still fundamentally raw (his jump shot and his free throw shot need work), Brown continues to showcase flashes of being one heck of a wing down the line.

Brown’s transition game remains deadly and has proven to be effective in an open court game.

And when he gets a run of steam, he is absolutely spectacular at the rim.

Isaiah Thomas wants to see Jaylen Brown in the Slam Dunk contest.

More from CelticsBlog:

The many talents of Jaylen Brown (Jeff Nooney): Jaylen Brown hadn’t scored in double figures since early December, but he responded against the Jazz with 10 points off the bench. His biggest impact came during the second quarter. He showed off a variety of skills in few minutes of game action. His athleticism was on display with his spectacular block on Raul Neto. He followed that up with a tough, and-1 finish at the rim on the other end. On the next possession, he showed his skill in the post by exploiting the Neto mismatch and scoring inside. Brown even hit a three in the quarter for good measure. His playing time might not be the most consistent; but stretches like these show he has the potential to be a dynamic playmaker for the Celtics.

Allen Crabbe, Portland Trailblazers: 10 points, 3 rebounds per game, 44 to 45% FG-42% 3Pt-83 to 84% FT, 10 PER in 29 minutes a game

Crabbe has had a quiet 2016 so far, putting in a steady 10 a game off the bench. With the signing of Evan Turner and Moe Harkless it’s been slightly harder for Crabbe to take that next step with Portland in terms of production, and the squad has kind of stayed in place along with Crabbe’s numbers (which are about the same as previous years).

It’s quite possible Crabbe will be involved in trade rumors this winter.