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Cal officially hires defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter

So much coaching experience.

NCAA Football: Utah State at Fresno State Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Cal now has three head coaches! Well, sort of.

Head coach Justin Wilcox. He’s the real head coach. You can expect him to do head coach type things.

Offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin, who was previously the head coach of Eastern Washington. He had signed a contract extension before Wilcox came calling and scooped Baldwin up.

Defensive coordinator Tim DeRuyter, whose last gig was being the head coach of Fresno State for nearly a half-decade before he was terminated from the job. Cal had been in the running for a host of candidates before DeRuyter ended up becoming Wilcox’s DC. Given that DeRuyter and Wilcox share similar schemes and ideas about defense, I expect that it should be a good meeting of the minds. You’d have to expect Cal to be better on this side of the football. They can’t possibly be worse.

So for those wondering if Wilcox didn’t have enough experience under his belt, Baldwin and DeRuyter should buffer him on both sides with prolonged offensive success and defensive turnarounds respectively.

DeRuyter officially signed today! Here is the press release announcing the hiring of DeRuyter from

"Tim DeRuyter is a proven and experienced defensive coordinator with an excellent track record of success in fielding some of the nation's best defenses especially in recent years," Wilcox said. "He has great expertise and knowledge in running a defense, and it's also a tremendous plus that he understands what it's like to be a head coach after his recent tenure at Fresno State. It puts us in a great position as a coaching staff that both Tim and our offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin have recently been head coaches. I'm looking forward to collaborating with each of them and benefitting from their experience."

"I'm thrilled to be joining the staff that Justin Wilcox is putting together at Cal," DeRuyter said. "Justin is a gifted young coach and someone I have enjoyed watching rise to the top of the coaching profession. I'm looking forward to doing everything I can to help all of us be successful at Cal. We have a tremendous opportunity to build one of the top programs in the Pac-12 and the nation in Berkeley."