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Cal student newspaper prioritizes Taco Bell opening over football hire, because recruiting!

Oh Berkeley. How you’ve changed.

Taco Bell Opens New Tokyo Store Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Cal students probably know there’s a Taco Bell next to campus. The Daily Cal made it a priority that we see it. More here.

Students and city residents have expressed their excitement at trying the new Taco Bell at 2528B Durant Ave., located between Telegraph Avenue and Bowditch Street. The store is part of Taco Bell Cantina — a restaurant line that aims to modernize the brand through new digital features. The line focuses on bringing the chain to urban areas.

They’re probably a little more in the dark about their head football coach. Probably because they made it the sidebar to the Taco Bell story and put a picture of Sonny Dykes instead of Justin Wilcox.

Football might be taking a backseat here. Or is it? I would argue that the Daily Cal is actually helping the football program by promoting the Taco Bell.

It’s obvious, isn’t it? This Taco Bell is the greatest boon to Cal football recruiting in quite some time. Now people know where to end up on a late night in Berkeley when Top Dog isn’t suiting them.

  • The current staple for Cal players near campus is the somewhat dubious Chipotle. Taco Bell should take its place instantaneously.
  • It’s a Taco Bell that’s open until 2 am located a block away from campus right in the center of downtown Berkeley.

Let’s take a look at the Pac-12 competition.

  • ASU has a Taco Bell on campus and one right next to campus. They are top at the West Coast collegiate Taco Bell pecking order.
  • Colorado is a respectable second place, with a Taco Bell beside each satellite campus.
  • UCLA, USC, Arizona aren’t too far behind, with a Taco Bell a short walk from campus. This is about where I’d place Cal right now.
  • Washington State, Utah, and Oregon require a slight drive. Not too long. Dangerous enough to make bad driving decisions. Hope you’re not high reading this post, Cougs/Utes/Ducks.
  • Stanford is a bit of a drive for a Taco Bell, although you can just go onto the quad and stare at the tower and you’ll be mildly appeased.
  • Washington, Oregon State, the loser in the Taco Bell hunt. You might be safest taking an Uber here.

Berkeley’s previous closest Taco Bell was 25 blocks away from campus way down on Telegraph and 61st. Convenient for no one, particularly for late night college debauchery.

This cantina changes everything for the future of Cal football (and Cal basketball, and sports, and everything else), and is another sign that Berkeley is modernizing (slowly, but it’s on that arc). Good on the Daily Cal for understanding what it means.