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REPORT: Sonny Dykes to join TCU staff in undetermined role

Will the buyout be reduced?

California v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

There were always reports that Sonny Dykes wanted to return home to Texas. It appears as if he’s going to get his wish.

A week after being fired from Cal as their head coach, Dykes looks like he’s found new employment. The TCU Horned Frogs will be bringing Dykes into the fold this upcoming season. It remains to be seen what type of role it will be.

Dykes’s new role on staff could determine how much Cal has to chip in on the future buyout. TCU just lost co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach Doug Meacham to Kansas, so you’d have to imagine Dykes would fill into some part of that role as either a position coach or a potential playcaller. He might have to fight Sonny Cumbie for the latter role.

Depending on the salary he earns at TCU, I believe Cal could cut significantly into the millions of buyout money they are currently on the hook on.