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Cal coaching candidate? Primer on Raiders offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave

Due to the recent firing of Coach Dykes rumors of various coaching possibilities have been swirling around Strawberry Creek. Here we will take a quick look at one of the candidates: Bill Musgrave

NFL: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the aftershocks of the firing of Sonny Dykes reverberated around Bear Territory, down the street at the Oakland Colosseum the Raiders decided not to renew OC Musgrave’s contract and instead promoted QB Coach Downing. This decision was based on the fact that the Raider’s organization wanted to retain the services of the QB Coach who became a hot OC commodity.

A recent report by Bruce Feldman stated that Coach Musgrave is a possibility for the Cal HC job.

Here I will take a quick look at the coach and his track record.


We can see here that sans his brief stint as Virginia’s OC, Musgrave has been a an NFL veteran with stints on the offense. This is one of my main criticisms of the coach: he does not have any substantial experience in recruitment, booster relationship management, nor has he ever had to handle the vast responsibilities of a Head Coach at any level.

Furthermore, his coaching tree us not as impressive as the length of his career would suggest. Besides his recent work with Jack Del Rio most of his HC that he served under have been less than inspiring.

Offensive Rankings

Team's Ranks Table
Offense Rushing Off Passing Off
Year Tm Tms Yds Pts GvA Att Yds TD Y/A FL Att Yds TD Int NY/A
2000 CAR 31 20 21 24 27 29 26 29 25 10 12 17 20 19
2003 JAX 32 12 25 20 10 8 16 12 23 17 15 20 15 12
2004 JAX 32 21 29 7 15 16 26 17 14 19 19 25 3 21
2011 MIN 32 18 19 19 13 4 3 2 16 24 28 18 21 27
2012 MIN 32 20 14 12 8 2 9 1 21 28 31 25 8 30
2013 MIN 32 13 14 29 18 8 1 2 28 20 23 27 20 21
2015 OAK 32 24 17 17 29 28 24 22 18 14 16 6 19 23
2016 OAK 32 6 7 4 11 6 6 10 7 9 13 8 4 13
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Generated 1/11/2017.

These are the rankings for the offenses he has lead as OC. We can see that until his stint at with the Raiders he produced uninspiring offenses, none of which cracked the top 10 of the the NFL in any of the categories.

Looking into the split between Rushing and Passing we can see that he has a strong preference and capacity to design runs, however, I have to note that the 3 remarkable years he had with the Vikings also coincided with the Adrian Peterson’s prime. What we can see is that until his season with Derek Carr he did not lead any good passing offenses in any of the categories sans turnovers (which could be a function of the low level of passes attempted).

Another statistic worth noting is the mediocre NY/A rating, which is a statistic that measures the efficiency of a passing attack.


In conclusion, in his 19 year tenure as a football coach Coach Musgrave has 2 years of college level experience at Virginia he has not built a resume worth considering for Cal HC.

Furthermore, sans his most recent season with the Raiders he has lead uninspiring offenses that were mediocre despite having a generational RB in Adrian Peterson at his disposal.

As a Cal Bear fan I would be greatly disappointed with this hire if it were to happen. Musgrave does not have a resume nor experience necessary to lead Cal. And yet if it were to happen all I would not be shocked by disappointed with another “TypiCal” move. I sure hope these rumors are mere speculation by football writers rather than based on fact.