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Cal football recruiting targets JUCO DL Caleb Tremblay

The Bears could use immediate D-line help.

NCAA Football: California at Southern California Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no denying Cal needs immediate front seven talent. Can they get it in the form of local American River College prospect Caleb Tremblay?

Scott Eklund of Scout did a thorough debriefing of the Northern California defensive lineman, who has four years to play three after the season ends. Tremblay strained his MCL in high school, causing recruiting interest to ebb. After a year away from the game, Tremblay returned and embraced it at a whole new level.

"I basically had played just defensive end up until this season," Tremblay said. "All through high school, I was a defensive end, but once I got here, the coaches said they felt I was a natural fit at defensive tackle and I wanted to help my team any way that I could, so I moved to tackle and I've really sorta enjoyed it.

"I power clean 365, so I'm pretty explosive and I feel like I'm pretty strong and I use my hands pretty well.

"Another thing I think I do pretty well is use my technique and flip my hips and one thing that surprises people is how quick I am for a guy my size."

Tremblay is up to around 270 pounds and stands around 6-5. Tremblay holds some major offers from programs like Cal, New Mexico, San Diego State, Syracuse and UNLV. Cal recently landed a solid American RIver JUCO prospect in Jordan Kunaszyk as well.

A quick look at Tremblay’s tape shows pretty solid promise.

Cal fans, your thoughts on Tremblay as a potential defensive line prospect who could provide immediate help up front?