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Golden Blogs Pick-em Week 2: Cal is Back!

Cal plays their first game in the United States on the road in San Diego. Can Washington State get back on track and can Utah topple BYU?

NCAA Football: New Hampshire at San Diego State
San Diego State
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 of the College Football season is underway! After a week off, we have our first real College Football Saturday of the season where, in addition to watching a lot of great games around the nation, we also get to watch our Cal Bears! Some of us (including me) will be flying, or already flied, to San Diego for the game against the Aztecs. Let’s see how our staff thinks that game, along with other notable Pac-12 matchups, will go!

First, here’s the results from last week.

Week 1 results

Howabout Ruey and Kevin predicting Eastern Washington with the upset! Unfortunately, neither of them fared well outside of that game, and it was PerryScope (the defending champion from last season) claiming the lead after one week, helped by being the only person to pick Texas A&M pulling off the victory. Unfortunately there was a lot of red all around, but there’s still plenty of time for those in the bottom of the standings to come back!

Remember folks, two points for a correct victor, one point for a correct over/under and multiple points if picking an upset. Lines based on the average provided by VegasInsider.

Note: Stanford and Oregon State are on byes. UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Colorado are either playing FCS teams or low-level FBS teams and I opted to skip them.


Saturday 11am on Pac-12 Networks

USC (home team) is a 16.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 59.5

Almost everyone has USC winning by at least 17 points, rebounding from the epic loss to Alabama.

Nik Jam: USC will find a way to recover from last week's disaster.

Piotr T Le: USC will come out and try to reclaim some of the confidence they lost against 'Bama. I think this is why they will play their starters till the end.

Ruey Yen: USC will take out their opening game loss frustration on an overmatched Utah State.

KWBears: U$C will be really, really mad this week.

Berkelium97: I would not at all be surprised if Utah State wins outright.


Saturday 4:30PM on FOX

Utah (home team) is a 3.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 45.5


A lot of us decided to #BackThePac with Utah. Two of us, including me, picked BYU. Both teams looked good last week, so we shall see what happens.

Nik Jam: I see BYU pulling off another "upset" against the Pac-12

Piotr T Le: Utah looks like a much stronger team in this edition of the Holy War

Ruey Yen: Another close game between BYU and a Pac-12 opponent. I think Utes should win, but I'm taking the points.

KWBears: This will be a slugfest.

boomtho: BYU vs Arizona was already low scoring and Utah's defense is better.



Arizona State (home team) is a 3 point favorite. Over/Under is 79.

A slight edge towards Texas Tech from our staff, but ASU still got some love. That’s a mighty high over/under. We have a chance for 3 simultaneous #Pac12AfterDark matchups!

Nik Jam: ASU gotta prove it to me this year.

Piotr T Le: I trust Kingsbury more than Graham this season and I never bet under for Texas Tech.

Ruey Yen: I'm trying to build up some good will here when I travel down to Tempe in two weeks for the Cal at ASU game.

boomtho: No idea? #BackthePac

Berkelium97: ASU's pass defense was torched by a middling FCS team last week. That does not bode well for a visit from Texas Tech.



Washington State (road team) is an 11.5 point UNDERDOG. Over/Under is 72.5

Washington State is expected by the majority of us to rebound from the tough loss to Eastern Washington, or at least lose by a respectable margin.

Nik Jam: It would be so fitting if, after losing to an FCS, Washington State once again winds up being good.

Piotr T Le: I think WSU will win, however the margin of victory for them will be much narrower.

Ruey Yen: I see a shootout that comes down to who have the ball last - I am taking the points here.

KWBears: Expect Wazzu to disappear again this week.

boomtho: I think WSU keeps it close, but loses. And I expect lots of points to be scored.

Berkelium97: After losing to an FCS team last week, Washington State will probably win this one. Because Cougs.



Cal (road team) is a 7.5 point underdog. Over/Under is 62.5

Cal’s blog of course heavily favors the Bears with the upset (or at least the cover) but we do have two picking San Diego State. It’ll be a tough one for the Bears to topple the Aztecs but let’s see what happens!

Nik Jam: I have a good feeling about this if there's a shootout involved.

Piotr T Le: Cal will win this game and I wouldn't be suprized if it is by a TD or so. And like with Texas Tech, always bet "Over" for Cal games.

Ruey Yen: I am surprised to see the Bears being more than a TD underdog. This would have been a tough call with a smaller spread. The Bear Raid should keep things close.

KWBears: I truly believe Spavital has got more in his bag of tricks that Webb-Hansen screen plays. SDSU will be Cal's first true test for next week's epic Texas matchup.

boomtho: I sadly think Cal is going to struggle vs a much better D than Hawaii, and I think we have no answer for DJ Pumphrey

Berkelium97: I do not like the matchup of our defense against their offense. If SDSU were more turnover-prone, I'd pick Cal. But I don't think we'll win unless we're at least +2 in the turnover margin.

PerryScope: We can score against anyone.


Games available to choose from

Penn State +6 @ Pittsburgh
Cincinnati -6 @ Purdue
Mississippi State -6.5 @ South Carolina
Arkansas +7.5 @ #15 TCU
Virginia Tech +11.5 @ #17 Tennessee

OTHER (Specify team, spread, and opponent. Spread cannot be more than 12)

Wild Cards

Admittedly the non Pac-12 lineup isn’t living up to the supposed BEST OPENING WEEKEND EVER that last week actually kind of wound up being. So there weren’t major matchups that I could find. So naturally we have a split between TCU and Tennessee toppling up inferior opponents at home (and covering!).

Ruey Yen (Tennessee): After barely beating Appalachian State, Vols need to make a statement in week 2.

boomtho (TCU): Fuck Bret Bielema


Pick an underdog to straight up win and get points! The higher the spread, the more points you win!

Syracuse (14 point underdog vs. #13 Louisville) [3]
Central Michigan (20.5 point underdog @ #22 Oklahoma State) [3]
Central Florida (35 point underdog @ #5 Michigan) [4]
Nevada (28 point underdog @ #18 Notre Dame) [4]
Western Kentucky (28 point underdog @ #1 Alabama) [4]
Tulsa (28 point underdog @ #4 Ohio State) [4]
Idaho (37.5 point underdog @ #8 Washington) [4]
UTEP (28 point underdog @ #4 Texas) [4]
Virginia (25 point underdog @ #24 Oregon) [4]
UNLV (26 point underdog @ UCLA) [4]
Idaho State (FCS @ Colorado) [5]
Prairie View A&M (FCS @ #20 Texas A&M) [5]
Grambling State (FCS @ Arizona) [5]
All of the above, and any others, will lose. [1]
Other (Specify team, opponent, and line)
Wild Card Upsets

Some solid variety here! Syracuse (who plays today), Idaho, Grambling State, and Central Michigan get love from the staff.

Nik Jam (Grambling State): Is the band playing at halftime?

Piotr T Le (Idaho): Washington will win, but I don't think by 37+ pts. Not their style.

Ruey Yen (Syracuse): Might be a tough road game for Louisville.


Not much else to say, I’m running late with the article. I’m sick, trying to rest up for my flight to San Diego tomorrow, and I still have to work the Oakland A’s game tonight. So seeya next week and GO BEARS!