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Marshawn Lynch attends Cal football practice, plays quarterback


Marshawn Lynch at QB
Cal Football

Beast Mode has been a fixture of Cal football the last few weeks after making occasional trips to watch the Bears (he made a guest appearance at a spring game, he showed up at last year’s Washington game, etc.). Marshawn Lynch went down under with the Bears and observed (then participated in) Cal practice. He went to a rugby game. He sold some of his new customized Beast Mode Cal equipment. He was one of the honorary captains at the Sydney Cup as Cal earned a 51-31 victory over Hawaii.

He continued his support at a Tuesday open practice. He showed up and decided to get in on the practice action.

He even participated in quarterback football drills, giving a shoutout to Michael Vick.

Lynch fired up the players before the Hawaii game, and he has been a positive influence on many of the young Bears as they get set to enter the meat of their schedule. More from Ryan Gorcey.

"One guy came up to me and said, 'We should have had that during the 1-11 season,'" said running backs coach Garret Chachere. "The feedback I got from guys was tremendous. I heard from guys who are starters, I heard from guys who are walk-ons, I heard from guys who are from other parts of the country, and they all said the same thing. I didn't even ask the kids what he said. You've got a scholarship starter kid saying something, and you've got a walk-on, backup kid saying the same thing. He's reaching across to everyone."


"He doesn't make the advice too complicated, or too detailed, but it's not very cut-and-dry and simple. Most of his words, they're not too many, but to-the-point, and he picks the right words. Our kids have really become drawn to him -- all of our kids -- and he's become drawn to them. He hangs out with them. If he's comfortable, he's a different guy. He's comfortable here at Cal, comfortable with the running backs, and he's comfortable with all the kids. I think that's the big thing for him. He likes coming here, but I think he enjoys the atmosphere, and how he's just one of the guys."

Should Cal consider walking on a Larshawn Mynch to the program? He appears to be ready to go!

Bonus: Here is Marshawn controlling zombies this weekend and hanging out with Michael Phelps and Karl Anthony Towns, just because.