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Cal football podcast! The Pod Is On The Field, 2016.4 - Bye Week Edition

In which much fretting is done.

Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Nam and Scott are hard at work during the bye week to freak you out regarding San Diego State, and tell you if their feelings have changed on the schedule following the week one games. It's another edition of the most amazing, sensational, dramatic, heart-rending... exciting, thrilling pod in the history of college football!


0:00 - Opening thoughts from Scott

2:40 - SDSU preview on offense - who to watch for and what schemes/formations they'll run; what will Cal do on defense and need to work on?

11:40 - SDSU preview on defense - who to watch for; what will Cal do on offense and need to work on?

22:30 - A reason to feel good; a positive slant + how is Cal off bye weeks?

31:00 - Examining the week around the P12 - do we feel better or worse about the schedule?

54:00 - 3 players we want to step up

57:00 - What are we drinking to this week? + shoutouts

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