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Sonny Dykes: Cal wore out at ASU, Bears a few plays from being undefeated & ranked

Go Bears!

NCAA Football: California at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of the highlights and quotes from today’s press conference.

Sonny Dykes

On facing Utah: “We've played our fair share of ranked teams this year.”

On the second half against Arizona State: "We wore down a little bit. Gave up a couple of big plays. We got banged up at a couple of spots. We've got to figure out a way to make plays and get off the field [on defense]"

On Cal players who have impressed: ”I've been really impressed with Cameron Saffle. "It's been fun to see [Chad Hansen] work. He looked like what I saw in Griffin Piatt when I first got here. A good athlete who could develop.”

On the run game in the first half: “We didn't do a good job with 1st down efficiency.”

On ball control: ”You always want to maximize possessions. Our passing game is a lot like other people's run games.”

On injuries: ”We'll know about Allensworth today, Khalfani will play.”

Quarterback Davis Webb

On asking Jared Goff about Utah: ”He probably doesn’t want to talk about it so I haven’t asked him yet.”

On his relationship with Goff: “I talk to him once, twice a week. I mean I want to give him space, because he's busy doing his NFL thing. Gameplanning and all... I’ve known Jared since we were seniors in High School.”

On the Utah game: “I’ve watched the tape and saw that this team had a chance to win it. They play very aggressive on defense, and are athletic. We have a big task ahead of us.”

Defensive lineman James Looney

On Utah: “They pretty much have the same offensive line that they played with last year. They have good chemistry... Our offense is the fastest offense we've played, but it is nice to play a team that huddles get that extra time...I think we're going to come back this week and do something special. This week is going to be a good week for us.”

On Arizona State: “I think we have a young football team. and some guys get complacent. We saw that in the ASU game. We need to get an edge about ourselves.”

On defensive overall improvement as a unit: “Our offense has been playing great. I want our defense to play well. I think defense wins championships. and we need to do that...The young guys have to develop quick.”

Wide receiver Demetris Robertson

In the media teleconference, Sonny also thinks Cal wasn’t too far from being undefeated.