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Golden Nuggets: Marvin Jones Leads NFL In Receiving

Marvin Jones helps the Lions move on from Calvin Johnson, and Aaron Rodgers answers his critics with a four touch-down performance.

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Life After Berkeley: Lacrosse's Deep-Sea Alum

For how much time Mackey Violich '13 spends in the water, you would think she was a former Cal swimmer or water polo player.

Following graduation, the former Golden Bear lacrosse player moved to the Bahamas and is a marine biologist research technician, teaching high school students about marine biology and collecting data for graduate students. Violich is currently attending graduate school at Florida State in the oceanography program, working on her thesis on deep-sea biodiversity and species assemblages.

In addition to her work, she also volunteers by teaching the locals on the islands in the Bahamas how to swim.

"I grew up by the ocean in Stinson Beach (Calif.)," Violich said. "This mysterious cold water was always a source of curiosity for me. I did a semester abroad in high school at The Island School, where I'm currently teaching. This was my first experience scuba diving and seeing that I could be a marine biologist if I wanted to. Being able to explore the underwater world made me want to learn everything about it."

Violich, who double majored in conservation resource studies and environmental economics at Cal, has gone scuba diving all over the world in places like California, the Philippines, the Bahamas, Hawai'i and Fiji. She recalled one particular dive in Fiji looking at shark behavior when a 12-foot tiger shark was extremely close. Her instincts and curiosity told her to get closer to the shark, but she was held back by her diving partner for obvious safety reasons.

It's thrilling experiences like swimming with large sharks that make every day an adventure for her.

"I go in the field to collect data, and I never know what I'm going to pull up in my traps or see on my deep-sea video," she said. "It could be a new species, which we have discovered two new ones so far. It could be a new organism to this geographic area. This is also the most challenging part because things break all the time in the ocean. The weather could turn or the difficulty of reaching the depths where I'm doing my research. I lose equipment all the time."

Men's Water Polo

@Calmwaterpolo took 2nd place in the Mountain Pacific Invitational this weekend. The No. 3 Bears are now 11-1. #GoBears

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Aaron Rodgers Answers Critics

After putting on one of the worst performances of his career last week, which prompted a week filled with scrutiny from pretty much everyone, Aaron Rodgers responded to those critics with an opening drive touchdown against the Lions.

On that first drive, Rodgers went 4 of 5 for 64 yards. And he ended the drive with a 14-yard touchdown to Davante Adams.

The play of the drive, though, came earlier when Rodgers hit Randall Cobb for a 33-yard gain. That play was completely manufactured by Rodgers, who bought time in the pocket to give Cobb time to gain separation downfield. Really, that play explains why Rodgers sometimes hangs onto the football for far too long. It hurt him against the Vikings, when he was sacked five times and fumbled three times, but sometimes it pays off with a home-run ball.

Calvin who? Marvin Jones leads the NFL in receiving

GREEN BAY, Wisc. -- Marvin Jones has made it clear ever since the moment he first hopped on the phone to talk about his new deal with the Detroit Lions.

He's not here to replace Calvin Johnson. No one can replace Calvin Johnson. He's just here to be Marvin Jones.

But three weeks into the season, it sure looks like Jones has replaced the legendary Megatron as well as could have ever been expected.

Jones caught six passes for a career-high 205 yards in Sunday's 34-27 loss to the Green Bay Packers, and his two touchdowns helped Detroit make a game of it despite an early 31-3 deficit.

That puts him at 408 yards for the season, which leads the entire NFL and easily outstrips Johnson's three-game production last year (199 yards). And that's a big reason why nobody's talking about how much they miss Johnson, despite the 1-2 start in Detroit.