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Cal vs. ASU postgame quotes & video: Sonny Dykes points to second-half mistakes

Go Bears!

NCAA Football: California at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the full set of Cal-ASU quotes. For the full set of postgame quotes that includes questions and answers from Arizona State Sun Devils players, click here.

Head coach Sonny Dykes (click below to listen to the postgame interview with Cal IMG radio and Joe Starkey)

Opening statement: “It was a tough game. I felt like we had a chance to win that one. We made too many mistakes in the second half, while playing pretty much mistake-free in the first half. We had a pretty good lead as a result then made a bunch of mistakes in the second half which cost us against a good football team. You have to give Arizona State a lot of credit; I thought they played really hard and I believe they hung in there well. I think they made a lot of plays down the stretch and that made a difference in the ball game.”

On what he’d tell his QB following tonight’s interceptions: “I think we first have to execute better early in the game so we are not in those situations. He clearly executed well in those situations last week, today was just different. I think we have to just do a better job running the ball. When you can run the ball, it takes a lot of pressure off of your quarterback so he doesn’t feel like he has to make every single play. We did not run the ball well today in the second half and as a result, it put an additional pressure on him and forced him to make a bunch of plays. He’s at his best when he’s executing the offense and not forcing things.”

Quarterback Davis Webb

On the last six minutes: “Yeah we have to watch the video. We will do that as a team tomorrow. We left too many opportunities out there, myself included. You can’t throw two picks in the fourth quarter and expect to win. That’s on me; if you turn the ball over you’re probably going to lose and that’s what happened tonight. We need to get better. We have a tough one next week against a ranked opponent in Utah so we have to come back to work tomorrow in practice.”

On if ASU did anything different defensively in the second half: “No, they just kept playing. They did a great job in the first half scheming us up and they kept doing it. They did a good job taking away the run a little bit in the second half. The first half we kind of gashed them a couple times. They did a great job and their defensive front did awesome. Coach Graham is one of the best in the country when it comes to calling defensive schemes. A lot of credit in the world to those guys. They out-played us in the third and fourth quarters.”

Cal wide receiver Chad Hansen

On the locker room mood: “We know we missed an opportunity and whenever you know that, the mood is sort of down right now. But we know we’ll bounce back next week, with a ranked Utah team at home, which should be a nice challenge for us moving forward.”

Cal wide receiver Demetris Robertson

On being in control most of the game: “I felt like we were in control. The defense did a great job scheming and things like that but overall we just had some miscues but we’ll get them fixed and back bounce for Utah.”

Cal safety Luke Rubenzer

On thoughts and emotions coming back to home state: “I definitely didn’t play my best game. I think it was on the defensive, you know we played a really solid first half. We really only held them to a field goal until that last drive. I couldn’t tell you what happened the second half, we just didn’t come out ready I guess.”