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Cal vs. ASU: Golden Bears, your feelings on the Sun Devils?

How does this win change your expectations for the season, and what are your feelings on the upcoming track meet in the desert against Arizona State? 

Texas Tech v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Nik Jam: I considered Arizona State to be a game that Cal could win even if they entered at 1-2. Arizona State however has played better than expected, particularly dropping 60 last week. Who the heck knows what to expect. A #Drop50 by Cal will hopefully be enough, but you never know.

I just know to expect to be up for a while and be nervous as all heck. Might even be better watching on TV unlike being at the game the last two weeks.

boomtho: I've upgraded my season win total, for sure - and beyond that, I'm starting to question who in the conference has the defensive horses to stop this incarnation of the Bear Raid. If Webb keeps slinging it like this and the OL can hold up for 40-50 passes a game, Cal is going to be a nightmare for opposing DC's all year.

For ASU, I think it'll be a fun game. I'm a bit surprised that Cal opened as such a large underdog given how shaky ASU looked vs UTSA. However, there should be a ton of points scored for both teams.

Ruey Yen: At the beginning of the year, I saw both San Diego State and Texas as cointoss games. Of course, I didn't anticipate Texas to come in as a near Top 10 team. The Bears splitting these two, in some way, was not that big of a surprise. I still expect Cal to match what they did last year (bowl eligible) though with a potential upset wins here and there while dropping a game where they are favored (hopefully that's not the USC game).

HydroTech: Cal will win and lose games based on Davis Webb's performance. When he's hot, he can win games. If he's cold, Cal will lose games. He's also a very talented QB with definite NFL potential. Cal is very lucky to have him this year.

KWBears: I still feel the same about this season. After losing to SDSU, my hopes took a dive. This was a nice surprise win for me, but not totally unexpected given that we beat the Longhorns in their house last year - so this win was not an impossibility. Cal has shown that they can get out of bed for big games and show-up, but they will give away games that they probably should win (like against the Aztecs). If Cal does great through the first half of the Pac-12 sets of games, then we can get excited for maybe something special in 2016.

Berkelium97: ASU gave up 11 yards per passing attempt against Northern Arizona, surrendered 55 points to Texas Tech, and had to make a double-digit 4th-quarter comeback to defeat a very bad FBS team. This is going to be another shootout, but I like Cal's chances against an underperforming ASU team.