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The Pod Is On The Field - [2016.7 - ASU Special Edition]

In which we cover the trip to Tempe in this week’s bonus #content

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Texas v California Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

In yet another edition of the most amazing, sensational, dramatic, heartrending, exciting, thrilling podcast in the history of Cal football, Nam and Scott take a look at the Sun Devils, who could end up being the most important game of the season [so far].

Enjoy an extra 40 minutes of two football geeks who barely plan for these shows! And if you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s us celebrating the Texas W. :)


- Opening thoughts

- Arizona State offense vs the Cal "defense"

- Cal offense vs the Arizona State "defense"

- In which there is some talk of special teams

- fan questions: why no D-Rob? Cochran vs Mekari and possible adjustments? Over/under? How do we NOT give up 60 points?

- listen as we struggle to name the opponent after ASU