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Cal fans, what worried you about the Texas game?

What were the worrisome spots you saw in Cal's victory? What were the biggest negatives you saw? 

NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

LeonPowe: Still not very good against the run. Still some sloppy penalties - how many 15 yard/personal foul/facemasks/roughing the passer penalties did we get called for? We saved some Texas drives with some lapses in concentration.

Nik Jam: The dropped ball at the end of the game, and several personal fouls that took away potential defensive stops seem to show a lack of discipline with the team. Also, it remains to be seen what will happen when the defense is giving up a lot of points and the offense is playing against a tougher defensive team (You know the one... Rhymes with Bamturd)

boomtho: I think the biggest negatives came mostly in the first half, and mostly on defense. I'd say the first half unfolded a lot like people expected - Texas RB's were gashing the Cal run defense and there didn't appear to be an easy fix. The pass defense was pretty solid as we hoped, but there were so many giant holes for the Texas RB's to run through, it seemed impossible that Cal could get enough stops to stay close by halftime, let alone through the game.

Ruey Yen: As great as Chad Hansen is, I am a bit worried that the offense may be relying way too much on him. Sure, Hansen is moved around all over. However for a team that throws as much as the Bears to have a guy who gets a third of the receptions, I am not sure if that is a sustainable winning recipe as teams key in on Hansen.

Given the talent in the rest of the receiving corp, someone else is perhaps being setup for a breakout game soon.

Beyond that, I really don't have a ton of negatives. Everyone showed up, fought hard, and played pretty darn well!

KWBears: Defense. Going into this game, everyone predicted Cal's defense would give up a bunch of points.... which they proceeded to do. The inability to consistently wrap-up and tackle bigger/faster/stronger opponents is very problematic.

Berkelium97: Nothing is ever easy with this team, is it? For what felt like the hundredth time in his tenure, Sonny wasted a challenge in the first few minutes of the game over something with a 1% chance of being overturned. And more agonizingly, the team had to find some way to knock another few years off the fanbase's lifespans. We had the game all but sealed with a double-digit lead, but Enwere had to drop the ball at the 1. It seems like this team loves to torture the fanbase: steadily giving up the lead against Northwestern in 2014, the Hill Mary, Texas' missed PAT last year, Washington's almost-comeback last year, failing to punch it into the end zone in the closing minute against top-5 Utah, erasing a double-digit deficit against ASU last year and winning on a field goal, Webb's overthrow on the game-winning TD last week. Did I miss any? Despite all these life-shortening moments, this is the most fun Cal football has been since Marshawn was running wild in Strawberry Canyon.