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2016 Football: Cal vs. Texas Report Card


John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Berkelium97: When we first scheduled Texas several years ago, how many of you thought we would sweep the series with them? This was a big win for the fans, Sonny Dykes, and the program. Let’s see how you all graded the performance.

Average Standard Deviation
Pass Offense 90.8% 8.7
Rush Offense 66.8% 21.1
Pass Defense 68.7% 20.3
Rush Defense 39.4% 27.0
Special Teams 73.1% 19.2
Coaching 77.2% 15.4
Overall 82.5% 11.7
Win Probability vs. ASU 76.1% (+18.2) 15.3

I’m probably sounding like a broken record by now, but pass offense once again reigns supreme as the highest rated category of the week. Shredding the Texas defense through the air, Davis Webb, Chad Hansen, and others earned a rare score above 90%. Pleasantly, only one category didn’t earn a passing score this week. To no one’s surprise, run defense was our lowest rated category of the week. Offsetting a generous run defense was a stingy pass defense. Special teams and coaching earned strong scores, as did the overall rating. A strong performance by the Bears coupled with an up-and-down ASU squad has given our predictions of a win a big boost this week.


Bonus! Once again we have an editor’s choice award to hand out!

Editor’s Choice Award

BearOnAMesa earns the CORN STARCH! award this week for a clever grading scheme on this week’s report card. While BearOnAMesa’s grades for other categories were scores such as Desean Jackson, BOAM’s grade for run defense was CORN STARCH! Is that good? Bad? I don’t know, but it was just bizarre enough to be worth recognizing. Well done.

Sonny Delight

Five-way tie for first this week!

Name Grade
1. heyalumnigo 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Hook'd it, I mean hook 'em (is this old now) 7.00 (100.0%)
1. Uthaithani 7.00 (100.0%)

I can’t find a fault in any of those report cards.

Sonny Yikes!

Apparently some of you people found something to criticize in this game.

Name Grade
1. ChairmanMeow 3.30 (47.1%)
2. ABVidale 3.37 (48.1%)
3. cruidzoid 3.80 (54.2%)
4. Jay 3.85 (55.0%)
5. LA Cheese 3.90 (55.7%)

Over the past few seasons ChairmanMeow has regularly been among the doomsayers. Why are you so disappointed ChairmanMeow? Was the win over Texas not enough of a great leap forward for a program that hadn’t yet defeated a ranked opponent under Coach Dykes? ABVIdale was the only other report card under 50%. That’s not too bad!

The Voice of Reason

And finally, those of you who are closet to the community average.

Name Deviation
1. bearium .0530
2. ballboy .0549
3. pierrezod .0658
4. AAHQ .0659
5. 1988goldenbear .0705

After alucard posted a .0249 in the Hawaii report cards, these all seem rather disappointing. Why can’t you all be more reasonable?!

And now, GBB has the best and brightest of your comments.

GoldenBearsBandwagon: Happy, happy, joy, joy. I commandeered the remote control at a friend's house and hid it from everyone else so I could watch the Cal game.

I'm sure many of you felt the same joy that I did in beating the Longhorns and felt more optimistic about the outlook for our season, while others were surely more cautious. But come take a look for yourself.

Gameday Experience
FIATLUX!!!! FIATLUX!!!! FIATLUX!!!!: My return to the student section and it was glorious! The Students brought it, hell the whole crowd brought it! It was a great energy in there and the Texas fans were terrific. THAT is what Memorial needs to be like all the time. A few more games like that and Cal football will be a hot ticket again.

2004-present: At halftime I was tempted to leave my apartment and walk ~2 miles to tightwad hill.

Uthaithani : Best game of the Dykes Era, best game in a long time.

Bobodeluxe : Texas fans were everywhere, but they were fine. Man, our crowd is weak.

Jay: Lots of Texas fans around, good people too. Southern hospitality is real.

SteveMariucciRecoveryGroup: IF only I hadn't crippled myself running after a Train in Sacramento I WOULD HAVE BEEN AT TIGHTWAD HILL DRINKING MY NUTS OFF!!!!

As it sits I am blaring RUSH and Free Will as I type and what the hell....

TKE Prytanis 79: Epic on every level... A good friend gave us club level seats on the 45.... Wow, so that's how the other half lives, says a section UU man...but even the old blues were into this small example, one of the "Hey alumni, go.... Bears". Back,and forths went on for what I am certain was a record... Great crowd, lots of nice Texas folks... One for the history books!

Oski Disciple: Fantastic. Student section was in great voice and in fact all Cal fans were loud, enthusiastic and passionate. Very comfortable night. Had been worried about the stadium being dominated by Texas fans ala the Ohio State game but it wasn't the case.

Bowlesman: Tears streamed down my cheeks as Vic answered Foreman's long, up-the-middle T.D. run. For many years, I remembered watching our morale crumple in the 4th quarter. Watching a narrow lead be surrendered so another team could could celebrate. Watching our team fail to fight back. But Dykes has inspired these guys and they play to win to the very end. I am so happy about this game and this coach, that I am daring to think we could take the Big Game. Even if they had lost tonight, I still would have considered it a positive.
Oh, uh, Vic, the premature thing happens to lots of guys, nothing of which to be ashamed. You can get help for it.
These guys make me so proud!
BTW- Texas, in the end, our team outplayed your team. Texas would be okay with winning over a technicality after some premature showboatization?

Joe Bandsmen: It was great to see the Olympians being recognized at half time.

Seeing the band pay honor to the visitors was classy as always - I wish we'd do it for UDub as they do it for us up there, but time will tell.

Card stunts looked good for the first game - the letters in stunts need to be set farther apart in the future.

It was great seeing so many students for the first game of the season and so many students staying the whole night. Hopefully this has got them hooked for the rest of the season. At first there was a fear that Texas might actually outnumber us like Ohio State did but it was great seeing how full Memorial actually got considering the San Diego State game.

Holy christ the piped music and the mic men though! I know they've only got two from the previous year, but holding tryouts during the first game of the season is a terrible idea, let alone letting them have more than one quarter to do it in. They kept yelling too loudly into the mics, leading cheers during the plays on the field, forgetting to turn the mics off when not speaking into them, getting a huge amount of static on them, and many of them didn't seem to know any of our cheers or have any sense of timing. Of the two returning, the man did better than the woman, but he's got to turn around and watch the game to know what's up. The man who tried out in the 2nd quarter was not bad. But most of the time we were hoping they'd just shut themselves up because it was so bad.

As for the piped music - let the Cal Band play! Why the hell do we have one if they aren't allowed to play?

Nor-Cal Scott: Entry via Gate 6 was a nightmare. Watched Security Supervisor poorly handle a purse/bag issue with 3 Texas women.

LONG lines at every concession window that never let up. Wanted coffee but would have taken 20+ minutes.

Great CALympian tribute at halftime.

Post game Uber was a fail.

PRD74: Beautiful Day. The stadium was filled with orange. Very Cool that the Cal Band played the Texas fight song and for a first game looked very good.. Only people not taking their hats off during the National Anthem were Texas fans. The Texas fans were loud, but when their team does something good they do this Hookem Horns fascist salute like it was something expected. When Cal did something good it was like the entire section had won the lottery and everyone, and I mean everyone, was high fiving which left the Texas fans with these WTF expressions on their faces (like they have never seen people get so excited over just one TD or interception before. The in stadium gameday experience was something I could never duplicate at home or at a bar. The fun of high fiving strangers, seeing my significant other (the UofA Wildcat) lose her voice from yelling for the Bears, watching the other team's fans lose it after a bad referee's call and thinking, "Now you know how we feel", having a great former Cal football player stand up and lead his section in cheers, hearing the spontaneous thunder of thousands of Cal fans pounding their aluminum seats, and finally remembering that these games are why I got hooked on Cal football. It is not because of Cal's winning tradition or the expectations of doing well, it is because of the out of the blue, totally unexpectedly weird and wonderful wins like this that make you unbelievably happy. The Cal people at this game where diehards and deserved this experience. People at home - nice win. People at the game - we did win the lottery.

Eams: Loudest I've heard Memorial in years!

1988goldenbear: Awesome, beautiful evening at CMS. Took a tour of the ESP clubs - amazing views of the bay and the field, but maybe a little too "Old Bluesy" for my taste - I don't want to get kicked out for cheering too loudly. CMS was rocking, especially at the end. Texas fans showed up in force, but they didn't sound too loud once the Cal faithful started roaring.

CoBears: Wow. Exhilarating. Thrilling. Nervewracking. Heart-stopping. Awesome.

Minical: Cal fans don't seem to know how to win with style.. When the opposing teams is doing the walk of shame by your aisle when we are in victory formation, please don't yell 'go back to texas you yokels'' etc.. it's not friendly... In general the Texas fans were courteous* water bottle throwers aside..

Pass Offense

Mrjpark: This Webb to Hansen thing makes me need new pants. Just think about it. If Webb hits Hansen one more pass last week, we're 3-0.

OCBear'09: 10 avg, 4 TDs, 68% completion, and some timely conversions. Still gave them a .75 because of their inability to convert 3rd downs and score after big defensive stops. That was frustrating and not a confidence booster for our D.

Coolingfan: Receivers other than Hansen (Veasy and Stovall in particular) started stepping up and I think it's a good sign. Webb was generally well protected and he made accurate passes throughout the game, and never forced a ball.

Thrasher: I love the chemistry between Webb and Hansen. No doubt, the two will combine to nearly or definitely rewrite the record books for Cal this year. What is amazing is that I'm sure Texas KNEW that Hansen would be the fav target and yet he still got nearly 2 bucks against them. I give it 0.9 only because Webb should try to spread the ball more to the freshmen. One play by Stovall really excites me for years to come where he jukes the corner and turns a 5 harder catch and fall to a 1st down, I believe.

Fire Bob Geren Again!: Great! I miss Goff and Co.... but not nearly as much as I feared. And just wait til the freshmen WRs start getting comfortable!

BearOnAMesa: Looked very solid, even with Webb's iffy pocket awareness and scanning. Cochran got beat badly multiple time on the outside edge and the O-Line as a whole seemed to collapse a bit too often.

Jmfs: Seemed like Webb had his way with Texas. Hansen was incredible but Stovall and Veasy came through huge as well. It was to the point where I didn't even care if we were down as long as we had the ball last we would win. Haven't felt that confident in the offense all year.

Sacman701: Some trouble with the pass rush, but mostly we shredded them. Even if you include the sacks we went for 8.6 yards a pop, 4 TDs, and crucially no picks. That's a good day against anyone.

Joe Bandsmen: We could use some more swing passes for those 3rd and mediums to see Vic and Muhammed in space, as well as WAY more passes over the middle so we could sustain drives in the 3rd quarter and have actually run away with it. Also, Webb is still having a problem keying on the long vertical routes instead of checking down to the players who are often wide open in the middle of the field.

Otherwise, we did fine.

Mitchgobears: Webb still under throws a lot of passes and doesn't seem to be able to zip the ball when necessary.

Cruidzoid: webb is a solid technician, but he doesn't read through his progressions (how do you think hansen is posting up all those numbers?)

#75 LT needs to be benched. twice he blew his blocks which led to sacks/pressure.

Sup_doe_library: The Cal passing attack looks unstoppable. I don't know why Vance Bedford felt that he could stay manned up on the outside against our WR's, but I'm sure glad he never figured that out. Other than the 3rd, we moved the ball at will the entire game--and while Chad Hansen (He's so hot right now) had a big game, was good to see Veasy and Stovall make plays.

Starting to get used to Webb's style of play, and I'm getting really comfortable with it.

Run Offense
ChairmanMeow: They get a big fat 0 for that dumb undisciplined garbage Enwere pulled at the end that nearly cost us the game. Remember Oregon v Utah 2014?

Goffuhninny: Do we have to run it inside, given our passing gameplan? Like, why don't we try to bounce it outside every once in a while?

Nedbear: Some holes, some stuffs. Why was Cochran in the game?

Zbobear: What is it with all these players dropping the ball at the 1-yard line this season? Need to stay mentally strong. Other than that gaffe at the end by Enwere, run game was better this week.

Thrasher: Anemic...If you take away the 50 yard run by Enwere (which we all know he should have completed for a TD instead of pulling a DeSean Jackson blunder), the run avg was 1.2 yards/carry!!!! We barely got over 2.8 yds/carry with that 50 yard run. Guys are just getting the break they need from the front line.

2004-present: Was paltry to begin but boy did it open up nicely when it counted. Vic Enwere must like watching the 2007 team because he channeled his inner DeSean Jackson AND inner Kevin Riley in the span of an instant.

BearOnAMesa: Apparently we only managed 111 yards and 2.8 yards per carry? It certainly felt like more than that. I'm curious if Sonny and the coaching staff overcorrected from last week's abandoning of the run game to get a perfectly balanced pass/run split instead of playing to our strengths a bit more. Passing was certainly the more successful option.

SteveMariucciRecoveryGroup: What run offense? There was? hahahahaha. Seriously, I know, I know, Enwere and Muhammad had their moments, and yes they did what they could to keep the load off Webb, but People are going to find a way to shut down Webb-Hansen (or??) and force us to Run more and then ....

Need to work on this. BIG TIME. NOW.

Heyalumnigo: Good enough I guess. I took off 0.000000001 points for Vic fumbling the ball. Probably means I won't get the sunshine pumper award this week.

Oski Disciple: Enwere is the man -- dropping balls prematurely aside. I sense that he's going to get the bulk of the carries and he's earned them.

SuperEQ: We stuck with it... even when it wasn't working... and boy did it pay off. Iced the game. Feel bad for Moby Vic, that would have been a poetic ending for the Lone Star Native.

Maybe the Ghost of Texas Forever popped that ball loose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nor-Cal Scott: Commitment to run better this game. OLine got man handled at LOS. 40att & 111net yds is poor. Take out Enwere's 54yd long run and that number looks horrible.

KillingmeSofele : This is not our strength. There were some highlights for sure, but our line is not the best at run blocking. Other than enwere's late run, he is not hitting the gaps very quickly when he begins his runs. It may be that he and the others just cannot get going.

San Diego Oski: Besides Vic's fumble (ARE YOU KIDDING ME BTW?), the running game was good enough to keep the defense honest.

Pass Defense
Leon Powe: We're lucky we didn't have to defend CHAD HANSEN.

(Hey, in the whole our defense is horrible narrative, I think our defensive backfield is showing up. Yeah, they'll get beat now and again, but I think we have some ball hawks and I think we have some guys who can cover. I'm really digging Marloshawn Franklin - and Luke has really made himself into a rotation player after being a step slow all last year.

Bears in Frisco Tx: They played it safe for the most part.

Hardtobecalfan: two great INTs, pressured the QB more than in past games.

Zbobear: Pass defense was on point tonight with the turnovers. They kept us in the game, it would've been a completely different result had we not gotten those interceptions.

OCBear'09: 2 TDs, 261 yd, only 1 TD... PRETTY DARN GOOD!!! .9 from me for exceeding expectations.

Coolingfan: 2 INTs, especially the second one by Rubenzer that turned the game around, helped Cal be in the game and eventually take the lead. Hard hits on Buechele rattled him enough and we had a pretty good coverage each time. I also remember a few swats that killed Texas' drives.

FIATLUX!!!! FIATLUX!!!! FIATLUX!!!!: If anyone wants to complain about the defense tonight they can go **** themselves. There was a stretch were the defense had stops on 7 of 8 possessions.

2004-present: Pretty solid. Some yards but 2 clutch interceptions. Not overly impressive but again didn't need to be.

Jay: Good picks, bad coverage. A couple broken coverages that Texas failed to capitalize on because Swoopes can't throw. Very lucky Texas' starting QB was concussed, or looked like it.

BearOnAMesa: Helped by numerous drops and deflections, a lot of Offensive PI in the first half, and some sweet, sweet interceptions. Could be better but good enough.

ABVidale: We sacked the quarterback!?! Given Cal's rushing defense I thought they did a fair job.

Lithuimsorbet: Did OK outside of a couple plays, though not sure how much Buechele being hurt impacted that.

Sacman701: A few bad moments, but mostly solid coverage and tackling and a better pass rush than we got against SDSU. Two picks, and Texas had less than 6 yards per pass if you count Buechele's 'runs' as designed passes.

SuperEQ: They gave up some big plays, but once they settled down they made it difficult for Texas. BENZ' INT might have been the most important play of the game. (So happy for that kid). DLINE and LBS really beat up their QB's, and it showed half way through the Game.

The "Art" of Bent Don't Break works well with this unit...when the Offense capitalizes on their stops and TO's. We have depth too. We were the stronger more fit team late.

1988goldenbear: Good improvement on the tackling for the most part. I think we had to key on the run to stop the huge gashes of yards, yet the corners and safeties held up against UT when in single coverage. Great picks too, especially Rubenzer's.

Minical: Sir Rubes made the play of the game IMO(no interception=no win)... that kid can run to boot. I think the pass D is the strength of this D, which may not be saying a lot, but they made a couple of HUGE plays, and that's all we needed.

Run Defense
Slaphancock: whew boy, it was just good enough, but there were stretches where we looked like we hadn't tackled anything but weeble wobbles.

Hardtobecalfan: allowing gaping holes, never does the first tackle attempt work, dragged along by 18 wheelers. but improved greatly in the second half.

OCBear'09: No comment necessary. We're just lucky UT inexplicably went away from their power run.

BTown85: Stiffened when we needed, but you always had the feeling it could give way.......didn't you?

Coolingfan: If Texas kept running, the outcome might have been different. Texas was seemingly gaining "at least" 5 yards every run. While we had a few good stops at the end of the game to help seal the game, allowing 307 rushing yards is still inexcusable.

2004-present: Better than last week but still laughably bad. Oregon and Stanford are going to run us off the field.

Uthaithani : Outmatched but gritty. Give them a TON of credit, they didn't fold.

LA Cheese: Defense was pretty terrible overall, but made the stops at the end when they needed to. Not sure why Texas didn't run on every play.

BearOnAMesa: Noticeably improved as the game went on, even if they were gashed big time early on. The boys came through when it mattered most.

Wiata78: Bad even for a Dykes team. Good thing Texas kept passing.

clack lake: better tackling please

Joe Bandsmen: Aside from the glaring embarrassment of not understanding how to put a body in front of their running back most of the game, we actually started dialing up the pressure and holding them to short gains and even losses in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Hopefully we can move more in that direction in the future.

PRD74: I was thinking during the first three quarters that Texas could not be stopped for less than 5 yards a carry. As the game wore on, it went to three yards a carry, then two yards. Improvement? You bet!

1988goldenbear: There was a lot of beef heading to the line with a head of steam, and we certainly had a difficult time slowing it down. There were a few big runs for TD's, but all in all the 18-wheeler package was effective but not overwhelming. And it helped that UT stopped running late in the game.

San Diego Oski: Cal's tackling needs to be buttoned up. The tackling was beyond poor and is the only thing keeping this team from being a good football team.

Special Teams

Leon Powe: The blocked punt was garbage. BUT. . . .everything else was great. Kick coverage, Dylan Klumph is going to be another in the line of great Cal punters. Matt Anderson hits another one.

Zbobear: That's the best special teams has looked all season long.

OCBear'09: Exceeded expectations. Didn't like the squib that gave UT possession at the 50 after our STs showed good coverage all game.

Thrasher: +2 takeaway! Luke Rubenzer's my man! Loved that interception and his hustle. Dylan had several great punts, one of which went 60 yards I think and pinned Texas way deep in their territory. No kickoff return disasters this time. I'd say no red flags and that's a good thing.

2004-present: No news was good news. Then a blocked punt safety happened. Thus middling

BearOnAMesa: Aside from the blocked punt, really freaking good. Amazing punting, good kick coverage, and respectable returns. Way improved from last week!

SteveMariucciRecoveryGroup: At least we didn't lose it in the lights. Have to give hats off to Anderson getting to be as solid on Extra Points as he has. Then again, DON'T BE AFRAID TO KICK A FIELD GOAL!!!

Binary bear: 1

TKE Prytanis 79: This was the biggest surprise of the night...great kicks, great returns, great stops...only the blocked punt marred what I think was otherwise a nearly perfect!

KMac: I've become accustomed to one embarrassing special teams play a game. As long as we keep it at 1 or under, I'm good.

Pappy's Boy: Minus the blocked punt the special teams were incredible

VermontBear: Great kickoff coverage and returns. I loved seeing Khalfani charging downfield on the returns. The excellent kickoff coverage helped force Texas to pass more and rely less on their powerful run game.

Gotcouth69: Nearly perfect

Cruidzoid: good job on punt/kick off coverages. was the blocked punt a blown blocking assignment?

KillingmeSofele : Bravo. Great kick and punt coverage. Great returns. Good squib decision. Kick offs could have been deeper but coverage compensated. Very impressed throughout the game with ST.

Sup_doe_library: Good special teams play all around--good coverage on punts and kicks, good KOR, PR was a little underwhelming (prob because bug caught, what, 2 punts?). Punt team also did a good job, except for allowing the blocked punt.

Bears in Frisco Tx: Liked how coach Dykes fought for his team on questionable calls!

Goffuhninny: Sonny's biggest win yet. And he outcoached Strong. And yes there was the call at the end, but remember there were terrible calls that went against us all game.

Slaphancock: Seemed like good decisions after that bizarre 4th down attempt deep in our own territory. Good call on the final TD and 2 pt. Conversion.

Nedbear: Dykes is one major win away from his pink slip. He might have secured his job until Oregon with this one, but not much further.

Hardtobecalfan: some questionable decisions, but dykes got his first upset of ranked team

Mrjpark: I think Sonny's done a good job of staying out of our way this year and just making good calls. I'm fine with his early game shenanigans this week because in preparations for a shoot out, you don't give up on that 4th and 1. If we planned on like, shutting down Texas' offense and playing a normal game, punt it. But I think everyone knew what this game was going to be like.

FIATLUX!!!! FIATLUX!!!! FIATLUX!!!!: Solid. Good blend of plays. Aggressive. Went for it when needed to. A+ for tight!

BearOnAMesa: They got the win, didn't they? Hard to be too upset about much, especially considering the mid-game adjustments and aggressiveness. Largely an error-free game on our part aside from the obvious Enwere fumble, which comes as a big contrast to Cal's performance against SDSU.

Oski Disciple: That decision to go for it on 4th deep in our own territory was terrible, especially given the more reasonable times in the past when Sonny should have gone for it. That aside the coaches did a great job especially with halftime adjustments. I like Spav's play calling much more than Franklin's.
Despite the tough loss last weekend the coaches had the team ready to take in and beat a ranked team.
Congrats to Sonny for his biggest Bear win and first upset.

Bowlesman: Kind of a WTF moment on the First Quarter Challenge and going for it on Fourth, a few yards from the opponent's Red Zone, but, in the end, Sonny wanted this one and it showed. Well done.

SuperEQ: Announcers were brutal to Sonny for going for it on 4th down, but i think it showed the team we were in it to win it. That attitude took over after that BENZ' INT and we went into half with the lead.

2 pt reverse was genius.

Run Game paid off late.

Bend don't Break forced them into mistakes and stalled drives.

1988goldenbear: I think our kids were prepared for UT, plus the coaches made some decent adjustments at halftime. This group never gives up. They answered the bell every time UT went up by 10. I can see why we went for it on 4th and a foot in the 1st quarter, but I wasn't thrilled by the play call to try to get it.

Minical: adequate.. one complaint was they kicked a squib kick when using normal kick-offs had been so effective all game. Ended up giving up the ball on th3 35 or so, when we had been getting them before the 20... but, overall good game plan..

Overall Performance
Bears in Frisco Tx: Hansen for Heisman!!!

Hardtobecalfan: i'm very pleased to beat texas 2x in a row. it's allowed me to move on from the mack brown debacle.

Zbobear: When we limit our turnovers, we give ourselves a chance to win games. Had last week's game against SDSU been like tonight, we definitely would've won that one. I'm feeling more optimistic about our season after this win.


also cal should maybe copy rugby and drill to literally touch down the ball

ThatswhyyoudontstealRoseBowls: That's why you don't steal Rose Bowls.

Thrasher: First time going to live Cal game in 3 years and I have to say I was very pleased. Even my 5 year old son who barely has an understanding of football was happy to watch Cal win.

2004-present: WE BEAT A RANKED TEAM! No more moral victories against top level competition, we actually won the game! At the very least Sonny and co finally got that signature win that'll back up all their talk on the recruiting trail and in the locker room. This late in your tenure if you don't start backing up your talk with some signature wins eventually guys are gonna stop believing. So a huge huge step for him and his program. That said I must confess this may be the softest Cal team I've seen since I started watching in 2004. Not mentally, physically. Yet another opponent pushed us around like pillows up front. I'm honestly scared for our guys against Washington and Stanford-they're gonna absolutely embarrass us up front but won't make the kinds of mistakes Texas did to bail us out. Of course no Cal milestone would be complete without almost inventing a new way to snatch defeat from the throat of victory, but WE GOT THE WIN! Let's enjoy it.

Uthaithani : This is why I am a Cal fan, right here. Totally worth the suffering. And it's why I'm behind Dykes, this is Bear Raid at its finest. Go Bears!!

BearOnAMesa: Biggest win in my tenure as a Cal fan! I genuinely believe that we have the horses to go bowling if the team plays smart. Only Stanfurd, Washington, and, historically speaking, U$C look to have win probabilities of less than 40% if we keep this kind of savvy play up.


Oski Disciple: I fell in love with this Bear team last night. (Full disclosure: I fall in love with all Cal times eventually.) Down 24-14 with Texas having the ball it looked bleak but the Bears rallied showing strength and character. The team believes in itself and that's at least as important as talent. I can't wait for the next game and really can't wait for the next home game. This is fun team that plays with heart.

Bowlesman: ESPN= Especially Sour towards Pac-12 Network.-
So during the First Quarter they are wholly dismissing us. It's Texas's game; our D was put to sleep; "18 wheeler;" et cetera. Then the momentum froze and it was anybody's game for all the second half. One of the sweetest things was watching the change of rhetoric coming from the ESPN booth, along with the quibbling about how Cal really did not get ahead properly (e.g. Hansen catch was not really complete; Vic's fumble meant Texas ball). Enough, we get it. Many Pac-12 schools are lukewarm fan bases and do not mean the revenue SEC schools can provide. Our team made ESPN eat their own blather. Perhaps that's garnish that makes this so sweet.

SuperEQ: This was huge. This was season defining.
First win over a ranked team since 2012 (and that UCLA team was overrated and had 6 turnovers... they beat themselves.)
We BEAT the #11 team everyone is saying is the front runner to win the Big12

We can beat anyone. Seriously.
But when our Defense makes stops or gets turnovers, Offense has to capitalize.
And we can't afford to give up TO and KO points.
This season is gonna be fun. I think we're gonna ruin a few more seasons before it's all said and done.
Go Bears

Nor-Cal Scott: Either Cal is better than I thought or Texas was way over rated at #11. Or both. Probably both. Definitely both.

Must improve in running game going into conference play. Even split 50/50 run/pass at 40 each but poor rushing yardage per attempt.

Gotcouth69: Bears did themselves proud. What is our record against teams rated as high ad 11 in the nation. Looks like another season when we can win or lose any given game against any given team. hold On!

1988goldenbear: Great win for our Bears! They traded blows in the first half and never quit, and they kept grinding through the second half against a tough and very physical opponent. We helped UT get a few scores in the first half with bad penalties, but made up for it by consistently thrashing their pass defense. Things are looking up, and I'm expecting a shootout in the desert! (Bet the over, whatever it is)

Sup_doe_library: We won a nationally broadcast game against a ranked opponent not only by lighting up their secondary--but by holding them to 10 points in the second half. And even with the weird call at the end, we held on to win in front of a sell out crowd. I'm savoring this moment.

CoBears: I've been given new hope for the season. We could actually make some noise. Certainly will have a lot of toss-up, high scoring, heart-stopping action ahead this season. Go Bears!

Minical: This team plays with more heart than most Cal teams. When they went down by 10 points a bunch of times, I thought it was over, BUT they kept scoring, and staying in the ball game... I didn't really believe they were going to win, but the players did! I think this confidence comes from Webb... he's a winner, and he wants to win...

Thanks again for stopping by and giving us your feedback. HUGE win for our Golden Bears, and hopefully we can keep it up against the Sun Devils next week. See you then.