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Sonny Dykes: Cal football players to hand touchdown balls to officials

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NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

After the mini-heart attack Vic Enwere gave the Golden Bears on Saturday night in Cal, it seemed inevitable that policies would be put in place in the locker room to prevent situations like that from occurring again.

The simple rule is this: Cal will score a touchdown, and they will immediately find a referee to give the football to afterward. This will become an important part of overall practice discipline to ensure that Cal can guarantee they score touchdowns when there are no defenders in front of them.

More from the USA Today:

In a team meeting Sunday, California coach Sonny Dykes planned to issue a new rule.

“Every time we score a touchdown from now on, we will hand the ball directly to an official,” Dykes said.

Here are your full indepth press conferences, starting with Dykes.

Also getting interviewed were Cal quarterback Davis Webb...

Cal defensive back Luke Rubenzer....

and Cal wide reciever Patrick Worstell, who earned a scholarship before the season along with Bradley Northnagel.

Bilentikoff Award watch list wide receiver Chad Hansen is a busy man, but all eyes were on him in the post-practice video.

Obviously it’s a bummer to lose some of the aspects of touchdown celebrations, but most touchdown celebrations don’t even involve the football, so expect Chad Hansen to keep on coming up with more clever stuff like Horns Down and Aussie Rules celebration.