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What were the Cal football positives from the season opener?

What were your biggest positives from Cal's victory over Hawaii and why? What are the most encouraging signs you see from this team?

University of California v University of Hawaii - College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

boomtho: The offense appears to have lost even less than I would have guessed, which is awesome. Webb appears to be the real deal, which makes it even greater that he was basically a gift that fell into our laps at the last minute. We have a DEEP stable of WR's ready to cause opposing defenses nightmares—Chad Hansen looks like a true WR1 and we got great contributions from folks like Veasy, Rivera, Wharton that I never would have expected. The OL held up really well and opened some nice holes for our RBs to run through.

Broader than just the offense, Matt Anderson nailed all three of his FGs, and the special teams coverage/return units played really well.

Dykes went for it on some high-leverage 4th downs, which is great! And we didn't struggle getting the plays in and snapped as we only burned one TO late in the play clock (that I remember’ maybe there was one more).

Piotr Le: Webb seemed getting comfortable with the role as the game went by. Furthermore, the offensive line was doing a good job keeping the pocket clean and the run lanes wide and sustainable enough for the run game. Also, Khalfani Muhammad was the truly explosive player we have expected him to be. He probably won’t play in the NFL due to his size; however, if Tavon Austin can be one of the highest paid WRs then… who knows?

KWBears: So much offensive speed and talent! Dykes surely reloaded for the Bear Raid. If Webb can be above average, Cal will be decent this year. If Webb can be great like Goff was, Cal will be slightly more than decent this year. I'm looking forward to lots and lots of great offensive highlights from the Bears this season. If we can develop some sort of a decent run game, that will also really open up the passing game for Webb and his receivers.

HydroTech: Biggest positive from the Hawaii game was the performance of Chad Hansen. He's clearly Cal's #1 WR. Hopefully he can continue to dominate once he goes up against the better defenses in the Pac-12. I would really like to see another young WR (Stovall or Robertson) step up and be a big-time threat opposite of Hansen.

Berkelium97: The performance by the new receiving corps was impressive. Hansen was tremendous out there and made a strong case to be the team's top receiver. The new receivers were great at downfield blocking. We've come a long way from the 2013 season where a screen pass only went for about two yards after the catch because the DBs shed our WRs' blocks so easily. I would have liked to see Robertson be more involved, but the passing game was still incredibly productive despite his limited production.

I was also impressed by some of the younger CBs. Marloshawn Franklin defended well and had some good pass breakups. Hawaii's receivers struggle to get separation and are prone to PBUs, but it was nice to see the DBs take advantage. Unfortunately, the front seven (or six, given how much nickel we'll likely play) will make the DBs' lives tougher this year unless we can generate a consistent pass rush.

LeonPowe: During the game there was a bunch of Twitter chatter that Robertson tweaked something—he was in the field for the first play, caught about a 30-yard pass out of bounds—and then didn't see him until late second half when he caught his first pass.