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Cal 50, Texas 43 postgame quotes: Davis Webb motivated by Longhorns DC Vance Bedford

Never rank a quarterback.

Texas v California Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Davis Webb had some extra motivation going into the Texas game. Apparently Longhorn defensive coordinator Vance Bedford didn’t give him the proper respect he believed he deserved.

Bedford actually probably didn’t think he was dissing Webb. In an earlier teleconference this week, Bedford said he was impressed with Webb and considered him a top four quarterback in the Big 12. But Webb took that to mean Bedford thought he was the 4th best quarterback in the Big 12.

I grew up watching the Longhorns for so long, and you grow up in Texas that's the college in that state, and seeing Vance Bedford's press conference this week and him throwing a couple jabs at me, personally, and a couple players on our team saying how I was only a top-four quarterback in the Big 12, if I was still in the Big 12. So I had a lot of motivation for this game, and we out-toughed them. They did a great job executing their game plan, but all week we wanted to be the tougher team and get more effort, and I think we did that tonight. We ran the ball better than we have all year against a great top-15, top-12 team, and that's a great thing to pick up on, and we'll just keep on moving forward.

So Webb took it out on Texas. It’s a slight stretch, but it worked out for Webb and the Bears on Saturday, torching Bedford’s Texas defense for 396 yards and four touchdowns (no interceptions).

Here are some snippets of the postgame press conference. A longer transcript is available for your consumption at

Coach Sonny Dykes

"I want to say how proud I am of the players and the way they hung in there and just kept playing. We got down a little bit early and nobody panicked. It's amazing what a little confidence and hard work will do for you. These guys have worked incredibly hard and have confidence in their ability to battle and figure out a way to win a football game. That's what we did tonight. None of this was easy – I promise you. I was really proud of our defense in the second half; I felt we played incredibly well. We gave up a bunch of points in the first half and they really tightened up and did what they needed to do to give us a chance to win. In the third quarter.

Offensively, we had three drives in a row that we just killed. We had a third-and-short where we tried to draw Texas offsides when the center snapped the ball, and they didn't jump. We had a receiver bust through a route. We just kept shooting ourselves in the foot offensively in the third quarter. But the guys just kept playing, and we made some plays down the stretch when we needed to. We were fortunate that Texas didn't cover that ball at the end; it might have been a whole different press conference had that happened. We were lucky that didn't happen. We learned a valuable lesson tonight. I don't think you'll ever see that happen again with any of our players. But again, I'm really proud of the way they persevered and fought. It's a big win for them and a big win for our program."

Quarterback Davis Webb and wide receiver Chad Hansen

Webb on run-pass balance:

I think the o-line played great and I think we challenged them this week to run the ball effectively, and they did that and then some. The Texas D-Line is no joke, they're all four or five-star recruits, Malik Jefferson played a great game. Chris Boys played a great game and there are so many guys on that side of the ball that played really well. I just think the credit is due to our o-line and our coaching staff that helped us prepare this week. We can enjoy tonight, but as soon as we get up here tomorrow we got another practice and got a tough one next week.


You know it's awesome that all of my hard work has been paying off, and it may say that on the stat sheet but this win is for the O-line. They protected Davis and were able to do their job all night, and I was able to get open and do my job. All the credit goes to them, honestly.

Running back Vic Enwere and safety Luke Rubenzer