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Cal’s earning votes, but still outside the Top 25: 31st in AP, 41st in Coaches Polls

The Golden Bears get a nice bump for upsetting a ranked team of Longhorns.

Texas v California Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

You may have heard that the California Golden Bears had a fairly nice win over the Texas Longhorns. It was kind of cool, I guess.

Now 2–1, the Golden Bears are starting to get some attention from the top-25 rankings. We earned six votes in the Coaches Poll, which puts us at a three-way tie for the distinguished spot of 41st with Central Michigan and Toledo. To give you a frame of reference for the three opponents we’ve played this year and their spots in the Coaches Poll, Texas is 24th, San Diego State earned 87 votes to be 28th, and Hawai’i is... being Hawai’i.

In the AP Poll, Cal received 44 votes to rank 31st. Here, Texas is 21st, San Diego State is 22nd, and Hawai’i is somewhere over there.

Only three of our remaining opponents are ranked: Stanfurd (6th in Coaches, 7th in AP), Washington (9th in both polls), and Utah (23rd in Coaches, 24th in AP). UCLA, Oregon, and Arizona State (Cal’s next opponent) are also receiving votes.