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Unhappy Texas fans tossed water bottles onto Cal field at end of game


NCAA Football: Texas at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Texas fans had a frustrating night. Some of them let it get the better of them at the end of Saturday night.

For the most part it was a very hospitable environment. The Cal Band played the Eyes of Texas with the Texas road band. The Horns and the Bears exchanged cheers during the game. It was a loud, raucous, pleasant environment, start to finish.

However, some Longhorns do love their football more than their civics, so they didn’t react particularly well at the end of the game after Vic Enwere’s controversial fumble did not result in Texas getting the ball back.

Here is some background on what happened on that crazy play.

"The ruling on the field was a touchdown, which replay determined that there was a fumble at the 1-yard line," Defee said. "The ball rolled into the end zone, came to rest, Cal players ran past it, and many Texas players ran past it. I think it was 14 [Haines] that picked up the ball and handed the ball to the official."

It is a judgement call for the replay official, Defee said.

"He was ruling that there was a time element there that constituted no immediate recovery," Defee said. "Therefore, by rule, the ball goes back to the team that was last in possession at the 1-yard line."

So after Texas fans realized they were not getting the ball back and they were going to lose, they decided it was a perfect time to projectile bomb the field with water bottles. (Seeing the poor Texas cheer squad scramble for cover makes this video).

The carnage was quite evident near the end.

Obviously these Longhorn fans only remain a small part of a vocal minority of crazies (NOTE: Your editor is a Cal crazy who might have temporarily lost his mind after Enwere decided to fumble the football. Apologies to everyone in QQ who saw that). But a few Texas fans feel they were unjustly robbed of a chance of besting Cal in an important head to head battle.

Ah. Well.

At least now they know how it feels.