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VIDEO: Cal fans rush Memorial, celebrate with Sonny Dykes and the Bears after upsetting Texas

We’ve got every angle.

Cal rushes the field vs. Texas
Cal Football

Cal fans haven’t had the opportunity to rush a football field in seven years. Since the 2009 Big Game, the Bears have waited for their chance to take on a big, highly-ranked team in front of a nationally televised audience, take the win, take their hearts, and storm Memorial.

So the Bears trickled, then ran, and then charged the field to celebrate the biggest party in Bear Territory in the 2010s. And Sonny Dykes was right dab in the middle of the celebrations!

The Cal PA announcer pleaded with fans to stop rushing the field after the Bears upset the 11th ranked team in the nation. But Cal fans were like nahhhh and the field continued to be rushed for at least 10 to 15 minutes after the game.

The Cal Band played right through it. Ray Davison got a chance to conduct while the field was getting covered in Bears. It was a fun night.

And as always. YOU KNOW IT!