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Stanford football player Devon Cajuste accepted $3500 in impermissible benefits


The 102nd Rose Bowl Game - Iowa v Stanford Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Stanford softball program has been proven to be dirty. Dirty! Dirty beyond all belief! Exile them to Castle Black!

More from the NCAA.

Stanford University did not monitor countable athletically related activity for its softball program, according to a decision issued by a Division I Committee on Infractions panel. The former head softball coach did not promote an atmosphere of compliance when he directed, supervised and had knowledge of countable activity violations in his program. Additionally, two boosters provided extra benefits to a football student-athlete.

Of more concern to most of you is that Stanford football got caught up in all of this.

Former Cardinal tight end Devon Cajuste was provided $3,500 of extra benefits from bosters. That included an impermissible loan, free use of an automobile, meals and other benefits. Stanford created a program where student-athletes rented short-term housing, and Cajuste lived with boosters during that time.

The NCAA has recommended the following punishments for Stanford. They are as harsh as you can possibly imagine. They will leave a black mark on the program for years to come.

Public reprimand and censure for the university.

A one-year show-cause order for the former head softball coach from Sept. 15, 2016, through Sept. 14, 2017. During that time, any NCAA member school that hires him must conduct compliance education sessions that focus on countable athletic activity rules. He also must attend an NCAA Regional Rules Seminar.

A prohibition of out-of-season countable athletic activities for the softball program following the 2014 season (self-imposed by the university).

A reduction of softball practice by 2.5 hours per in-season week and two hours per out-of-season week during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. The reductions amounted to 60 hours per year in season and 10 hours per year out of season (self-imposed by the university).

A $5,000 fine.

Oh. A reprimand. Cool.

Well. That’s nice. Can’t wait for Arrillaga to write a check and pay off that $5000 fine tonight.

Enjoy the public reprimand Stanford! I’m sure it’ll give USC fans plenty more to fume about in this week’s matchup.