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Cal fans, your feelings on the Texas game?

What are your feelings going into the Texas game, and what do you think Cal can do to get the upset? 

California v San Diego State Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

LeonPowe: I still like this group of guys. Things happen in college football - so on paper it looks like we have no chance, I bet Central Michigan, Appalchian State or any other number of teams also thought they had no chance.

boomtho: I think we're going to lose, and I don't think it's going to be close.

To secure the upset, I think our front 7 is going to have to play the game of their lives, and certainly play well above the level they've shown the last two games. We need to certainly generate more of a pass rush, and our LB's need to do a much better job tackling.

Andy Johnston: As long as we can either stay even in the turnover margin I think we have a fair shot in this game. I don't anticipate Texas slowing down the Bear Raid after San Diego State's top ten pass defense got burned through the air repeatedly. It all depends on if we can win time of possession as well as not hand away short yardage situations.

Avinash: The Bears know they're not going to be in the national spotlight this season, which is good because all the pressure will be on the other team to win most weeks. But even as choppy as they were last week, they have the offense that is capable of putting up 40 points on a weekly basis without fail. That means if they can minimize mistakes and hold teams to even 30-35 points, they still have a relatively good shot to win every week regardless of score or time. That is a nice luxury to have, particularly at home, since it will keep the crowd energized and engaged.

Nik Jam: Cal needs to not make ANY turnovers against Texas. Like the Aztecs, the Longhorns will make us pay for our mistakes. The defense needs to continue showing improvements, but they will struggle. Remember, we won 45-44 last year... so Cal should feel like they can #Drop50 this time around... it'll probably be required.