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Cal fans, did the San Diego State loss change your season outlook?

Did the San Diego State defeat change your outlook of the season for the better, for the worse, or not at all? Why or why not? 

NCAA Football: California at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

LeonPowe: Worse, because I thought SDSU was one of the toss up games we needed to win to get to six. It's gonna be tough sledding here on out.

boomtho: I think I'm in the same boat as LeonPowe. I actually think in a lot of aspects we outplayed SDSU. So in that respect, the loss is encouraging (as much as anyone can be) because my mental model for the heights this team can reach is a bit better than before the game. However, from a record perspective, this makes me downgrade my expectations to ~4-5 wins instead of 6, because I think this one of the games closer to 50/50 that needed to swing our way to hit 6-7 wins.

Berkelium97: After the Hawaii game I had downgraded our win total from 6 to 5 and now I think it's somewhere between 4 and 5. A bowl isn't impossible, but it's tough to look at that schedule and see 5 more wins. Texas will be tough and ASU can apparently score at will against non-FCS teams, but wins against both in the next couple weeks will put us in a much better position to earn a bowl berth. It's a difficult road, but not impossible.

Avinash: Didn't change my opinion at all. All the breaks went San Diego State's way and we still had a good chance to win. I doubt we get that unlucky that many times this season. Cal pretty much gifted the Aztecs 21 easy points on special teams and turnovers. A clean game and the Bears win by double digits, because if Cal was leading at half, I doubt the Aztecs have the comeback gene within them with a weak vertical passing attack. It was a brutal loss, but Cal's offense is capable of taking one back in the same way against a good team, so I still think we have a clear path.

Nik Jam: I'm with everyone else. I'm almost certain a bowl game is not going to happen this year. A Texas loss is pretty likely, so we needed a 2-1 non-conference at least to have a fighting chance at 6 wins... so Cal will have to redeem themselves by beating Texas. They haven't given me much reason to believe that will happen.