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Cal trails San Diego State 38-31 after three: 4th quarter live chat

Fourth quarter's ours?

Cal is somehow still alive despite a multitude of mistakes and conceding 28 points off of turnovers and special teams mistakes. After the Aztecs took a 17 point lead early in the 3rd, Cal answered with 10 big points. Davis Webb threw a crucial touchdown to freshman Demetris Robertson, the defense got a three-and-out, and Matt Anderson nailed a huge field goal to cut it down to a one score game.

The Cal defense needs a few more stops and the Cal offense needs to keep on scoring to come out of San Diego 2-0, but the game is there for the taking. Davis Webb has thrown for over 400 yards and four touchdowns and Chad Hansen has been the engine again with 10 catches for 127 yards. Can Cal summon enough on both sides of the ball to complete the comeback?

15 minutes to go! Go Bears! Beat the Aztecs!