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Cal vs. San Diego State 3rd quarter thread: Golden Bears trail 31-21 after error plagued 1st half

Discuss the game!

Rational Cal fan: So Cal did pretty much everything you could possibly do wrong in a half and still find themselves within striking distance.

  • Kickoff return for a touchdown
  • A fumble inside your own 20.
  • A pick six on a screen inside your own 10.
  • Bad tackling on the lone Aztec offensive touchdown
  • Two bizarre punts to end the half.

Situation isn't great. The Bears have a lot of ground to make up and the Aztecs get the ball to start the second half. But the good news is the Bears are still only a stop and a score away from it being back. Cal has had the better offense in this game but have pretty much lost the unforced error war 21-0. There's plenty of time for the Bears to come back (and Cal has come back from bigger deficits)

Go Bears! Beat the Aztecs!

Emotional Cal fan: